Collins Aerospace and DroneShield Collaborate

Counter-drone capabilities to be added to Collins Aerospace surveillance systems in Australian market.

06 June 2019
DroneShield's body-worn drone detector, RfPatrol


Australia's DroneShield has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”)  with Collins Aerospace to add its counter-drone capabilities for customers already using the broader surveillance systems produced by Collins.

The collaboration will focus on opportunities in the Australian market where DroneShield is based, and further afield.   

Collins Aerospace is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace and defence products. In Australia, it holds a number of current contracts within the Australian Defence Force.
DroneShield is a public Australian company whose products include a suite of counter-drone technologies, capable of protecting bases and forward deployed groups against enemy drone threats. The products include DroneSentinel, a sensor fusion, multi-method drone detection system and DroneSentry (a combined detection and interdiction system), DroneGun Tactical (a handheld rifle-shaped drone-mitigation device) and RfPatrol(a body-worn drone detection device).

Its RfPatrol portable drone detector is the size of a radio and weighs 700g. It can be left for a week/month at the target facility, plugged into a wall socket, collecting evidence of every drone in proximity. The log of the detections can then be easily downloaded via a USB port, demonstrating the list of the detections.

RfPatrol is a completely passive device (zero RF emissions), making it ideal for any environments where RF interference is undesirable.