UK Boxer Sub-Contract for Emergency Lighting Systems

AeroGlow International to supply HaLO Vehicle Egress Lighting Systems for Boxer MIV.

23 November 2021


As part of the UK Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicle Programme for the British Army, KMW and WFEL have signed a contract with AeroGlow International for the supply of the latest HaLO Vehicle Egress Lighting Systems.

The proven AeroGlow LED escape lighting system will guide Boxer occupants to an exit as quickly as possible should the vehicle suffer a traumatic event – such as  damage by a blastroll over or being  submerged in water – and the soldiers inside need to get out fast.

The contract is for the delivery of bespoke HaLO systems, with deliveries commencing in 2021 and running through to 2031. WFEL says the awarding of this sub-contract to a UK SME demonstrates the commitment to source 60% by value of the Boxer contract from within the UK.

Emergency lighting systems have been recognised as safety critical for the Boxer vehicles. Salisbury-based AeroGlow says that having the HaLO system fitted to the Boxer MIV will ensure the  mitigation of drowning and egress risks for British military personnel for the foreseeable future. 

The emergency lighting systems will be integrated into the Boxer vehicles by WFEL at their new Boxer MIV manufacturing facility in Stockport. AeroGlow Business Development Director, Keith White, commented “With the contract with KMW and WFEL set to run for 10 years, this ensures the employment of  our staff and our UK suppliers’ staff for the long term."

This contract award mirrors a contract awarded to AeroGlow International by Rheinmetall and RBSL which - together with KMW and WFEL - are joint partners in the UK for the manufacture of the Boxer vehicles for the British Army.