Canada’s Joint Fire Modernization Project

Rheinmetall Canada and Elbit Systems join forces for Canada's Joint Fire Modernisation Project.

02 June 2022


Elbit Systems and Rheinmetall Canada have teamed up for Canada’s Joint Fire Modernisation Project.

Rheinmetall Canada's strong local presence and leadership of the Canadian Integrated Soldier System (ISS) project, and Elbit Systems UK’s leadership of the British Dismounted Joint Fires Integrators (D-JFI) program and involvement in Canada’s Airspace Coordination Centre Modernisation (ASCCM) project, the two companies are well positioned to offer a superior solution for the JFM project. 

The JFM project, which is estimated to be worth between $100 million and $249 million will enable almost instantaneous sharing of tactical, operational, and strategic fires and effects information through a digital network to provide a Common Operating Picture (COP) including targets, friendly locations and Command and Control information. 

Project requirements wnclude C2 and targeting software, tactical equipment and simulation capability for dismounted and mounted operations. The D-JFI will replace some or all of the in-service operational and training equipment with modernised and digitised hardware and software that will provide a digital networked capability for all operating environments. It will replace some or all of the in-service Forward Observation Officer, Forward Air Controller and Joint Fires Observer simulation systems by acquiring realistic and immersive complex battlefield simulators that will be networked to the Land Vehicles Crew Training System common computer generated imagery.

Haim Delmar, General Manager of Elbit Systems C4I and Cyber, said developing a joint fires solution for Canada that draws on the experience that both companies have acquired in Canada and the UK means it can offer a higher level of technological maturity, clear growth path and robust Five Eyes compatibility.

 “With their combined expertise in command, control, communications, and tactical equipment, Rheinmetall and Elbit are ready to deliver dismounted and mounted digital joint fire solutions enabling the Department of National Defence to deliver responsive and accurate joint fire support,” said Stéphane Oehrli, president and CEO of Rheinmetall Canada.

Final delivery of the capability is scheduled for fiscal year 2027/2028.