NIMR To Launch Next Generation Vehicles at IDEX 2021

Next generation versions of NIMR's AJBAN 4x4 and HAFEET 6x6 vehicles to be unveiled at IDEX.

17 February 2021
The NIMR HAFEET Mk2 will be unveiled at IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi (Image courtesy of NIMR)



The UAE's largest wheeled military manufacturer, NIMR, is set to unveil the second-generation of its AJBAN 4x4 and HAFEET 6x6 platforms, which boast higher levels of protection and payload, at the upcoming International Defence Exhibition & Conference (21–25 February) at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Featuring advanced blast mitigation and ballistic protection, NIMR says the new platforms provide high levels of protection in the harshest of environments. Designed and engineered to meet the most demanding duty-cycle requirements, the monocoque architecture offers a higher degree of body rigidity that contributes to greater agility and responsiveness.

The MK2 versions of the HAFEET and AJBAN boast enhanced maintainability with a significantly reduced timeframe required to remove a vehicle's powerpack – down from 10 hours to just 20 minutes. To ensure vehicles are equipped to endure any operating scenario, maximum payload capacity has doubled from 1.2 tonnes to 2.5 tonnes.

Recently, NIMR successfully conducted the first landmine blast tests, in line with international standards, in the UAE desert in collaboration with sister company LAHAB, the the UAE’s only munitions manufacturer. The tests were done to demonstrate the effectiveness of the protection levels offered by the AJBAN MK2 armoured tactical vehicle. Owing to the vehicle's monocoque design, NIMR says it remained intact during both of these powerful blasts.

In addition to improvements in performance and design, NIMR has incorporated the latest technologies and electronic architecture into the vehicles. Complete platform versatility enables NIMR to modify platforms – even mid production – to meet field data, combat experience, and evolving operational requirements of customers.


The Mk2 version of the AJBAN 4x4 (Image courtesy of NIMR)



"Building a second-generation product that outshines the first is only possible to achieve when you learn from experience and listen to your customers, whilst keeping an eye on market and technological developments,” said Abri du Plessis, CEO of NIMR. “We look forward to our participation at IDEX 2021 and aim to showcase our cutting-edge product line, which is the outcome of years of hard work and vision.

NIMR offers complete end-to-end solutions in its area of specialisation, including mission systems integration support. Designed to endure a diverse scope of mission requirements, the company’s vehicles are manufactured at its factory in Ajban, Abu Dhabi, in compliance with international military standards.

NIMR is part of the Platforms and Systems cluster within EDGE Group, an advanced technology group that ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world.




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