OMFV Concept Demonstrator from Rheinmetall at AUSA 2022

Rheinmetall next-gen OMFV Concept Demonstrator at AUSA 2022.

06 October 2022
The Mission Master CXT Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle, featuring the Dillon-Aero M134D gun, will be displayed at AUSA 2022


Defence manufacturers are gearing up for Army USA’s Annual Meeting & Exposition which gets underway in Washington, DC from 10-12 October. The motto for this year’s show is “Building the Army of 2030.”

Rheinmetall America and its family of companies will be on-site showcasing next-generation Infantry Fighting Vehicles, an OMFV Concept Demonstrator, as well as munitions and artillery. 

Attendees will be able to catch a glimpse of the OMFV (Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle) Concept Demonstrator, a life-size display that represents the physical appearance of the Lynx OMFV’s design, complimented with augmented reality highlighting technologies for the OMFV programme.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles alongside US defence companies that make up Team Lynx - Textron Systems, Raytheon Technologies, L3Harris Technologies, Allison Transmission, and Anduril Industries, are designing the transformational next-gen infantry fighting vehicle – the Lynx OMFV – for the Army’s OMFV programme.

The Lynx OMFV features a US-designed new, lethal, unmanned 50 mm turret with 3rd GEN FLIR, a highly manoeuvrable and powerful right-sized chassis, advanced on-board protection systems including active protection, and an open systems architecture, ensuring overmatch today and overmatch tomorrow.

Additional information on next-gen technologies that are part of the Lynx OMFV delivered by Team Lynx will be available at the individual exhibition booths of Textron, Raytheon, L3Harris, Allison and Anduril.

The HX3-CTT – The Next-Gen Tactical Truck

Other vehicles on display at the show include the HX3-CTT, offered to the Army for its Common Tactical Truck (CTT) program by American Rheinmetall Vehicles and GM Defense.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and GM Defense formed a strategic collaboration to bring together two powerhouse companies that can leverage commercial technologies, robust engineering, and world-class manufacturing to answer the Army’s call for the next-generation CTT programme.

The HX3-CTT is a derivative of Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles’ globally successful and fielded HX family of military off-the-shelf tactical trucks already in service with eight allied countries. See the HX3-CTT at GM Defense’s booth at the show.

Rheinmetall will also introduce the Mission Master CXT at AUSA 2022, the latest member of its successful Mission Master family of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGV). The Mission Master CXT will feature the Dillon-Aero M134D gun.


Airburst Lethality

Visitors to AUSA will also see a range of world-class, medium calibre airburst munitions from Rheinmetall. The airburst munitions produce lethal effects against personnel in open and defilade positions, defeat unarmoured/lightly armoured vehicles and provide layered counter-UAS defence.

Rheinmetall‘s expertise as an artillery systems house will also be on full display, starting with the combat proven, in-service 155mm L52 howitzer cannon barrel – JBMOU compliant and NATO compatible.

Also featured is Rheinmetall’s most advanced artillery technologies including Extended Range Charge (ERC) propellant, the precision Velocity-enhanced Long-Range Artillery Projectile (V-LAP) 155mm ammunition, and SMArt®155, the intelligent and autonomous sensor-fused, fire-and-forget artillery projectile.

The StrikeShield Active Protection System will also be exhibited at the show. StrikeShield is a next-generation Hardkill Active Protection System that integrates APS components within a modular armour package. Rheinmetall says StrikeShield offers superior protection when engaged by multiple or simultaneous threats, even from very close range.

Visitors to Rheinmetall’s booth can also learn about the company’s Rapid Obscuring System (ROSY), a 40mm non-lethal grenade launcher that is currently fielded on both land and maritime platforms.  

ROSY produces an instantaneous smokescreen for effective obscuration across the visual and IR spectrum, and the system’s lightweight modular design is suitable for virtually all ground vehicles.