Patria delivers first 6x6 vehicles to Latvia

Latvian Armed Forces take delivery of the first 6x6 wheeled armoured vehicle from Patria.

29 October 2021

Patria has delivered the first jointly developed 6x6 wheeled vehicle to Latvia on schedule. In early 2020, Finland and Latvia agreed on a joint development programme to improve the mobility of their ground forces.

The aim of the development project has been to develop a new armoured vehicle system based on 6x6 armoured vehicles manufactured by Patria. In late August 2021, Finland, Latvia, and Patria signed a Frame Agreement for production phase management.

“With high-quality co-operation between Latvian companies, our own professionals, and the future users of the vehicles, we have achieved this important milestone together,” said Jussi Järvinen, President of Patria’s Land business unit.

A week before the handover of the vehicles, user training of the Patria 6x6 vehicle was completed in Hämeenlinna at Patria’s facilities, where soldiers of the Latvian National Armed Forces participated in  a two-week user, instructor, and maintenance training course. The focus of the training was to learn how the vehicle works and how to use it.

Latvia and Patria signed a supply contract comprising over 200 6x6 armoured personnel carriers  developed under the joint development programme, also including their support and training systems.

Finland and Patria signed a letter of intent on the forthcoming serial order of Finland. The joint programme is open to other countries to join with the mutual consent of the participating countries.

In other news, Patria announced its participation in a research project led by the Finnish and German Defence administrations about teaming between unmanned and manned aerial vehicles (MUM-T).

Finland’s in the project focuses solely on cooperation between manned and aerial vehicles and systems.  

Patria’s responsibility is to provide wireless communication with CANDL data link system (Compact Airborne Networking Data Link) between manned and unmanned aerial platforms as well as ground systems in MUM-T scenarios. The test and demonstration flights related to MUM-T research were conducted in Rovajärvi and Kemijärvi areas this autumn led by the Finnish Defence Forces and in cooperation with the German Ministry of Defence.

 CANDL’s combination of reliable and networking communication enables LVC-based training (Live Virtual Constructive) for future training needs and requirements. In LVC-based training simulators and Computer-Generated Forces are seamlessly connected creating very realistic training environment”, said Jouni Wirtavuori Director, International Sales, from Patria’s Systems Business Unit.