Video Shows Missile Being Fired From Light Buggy

Video shows new light buggy launcher for Rafael's SPIKE NLOS precision-guided missile.

08 February 2019

Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has released new video footage of its SPIKE Near Line of Sight (NLOS) precision-guided missile being fired from a launcher mounted to a light buggy (TOMCAR).

“This new launcher will enhance ground forces’ precise stand-off capabilities for low-signature operations in a variety of operational scenarios and requirements,” said Zvi M., head of Rafael’s Tactical, Precision Weapon systems Directorate.

The SPIKE NLOS is a 30 km precision-guided missile and is part of the fifth-generation electro-optical SPIKE Family, operational today in 31 countries worldwide. Last year, RAFAEL unveiled the TOMCAR light, modular launcher for the SPIKE NLOS missile.



The SPIKE Launcher used in the test weighed only 1,350 kg and included eight rounds, providing armies and Special Forces with a low-weight, manoeuvrable, precision element that can be easily air-deployed deep into enemy territory and used to attack point targets (static & mobile) with very high precision, and with no dependence on GPS.

The video, which was taken during the launcher qualification process, shows the firing of the SPIKE NLOS missile to above 25 km at various target types and various firing trajectories (both very low and very high) ‒ defined according to the mission, scenario, and target type.