Rheinmetall presents the Lynx 120 mechanised fire support vehicle

Lynx 120 fire support variant combines a 120 mm smoothbore cannon with the Lynx KF 41 chassis.

19 February 2022

Rheinmetall has unveiled a new mechanized fire support variant of its Lynx next-generation combat vehicle. Called the Lynx 120, the platform merges a tried-and-tested turret concept and a 120mm smoothbore cannon with the Lynx KF 41 chassis. Rheinmetall says the new mechanized fire support variant of the Lynx offers outstanding fire support and anti-tank capabilities.

The new variant comes off the back of Rheinmetall Defence Australia's unveiling of a combat support vehicle (CSV) variant of the Lynx in October to complete a range of missions while fully protected. With the CSV, soldiers can perform recovery, repair, manoeuvre, upport and support logistics using a vehicle with similarities to the existing Lynx IFV.

Featuring off-the-shelf components, the Lynx 120 mechanized fire support  vehicle's architecture has been simplified and provides an open ‘plug-and-play’ capability for future upgrades, while complying with NATO STANAGS.

Utilizing the Lynx KF 41 modular chassis and a scalable large-calibre turret concept, the Lynx 120 is a high-performance solution, harbouring vast growth potential and an assured overmatch capability.l.

The basic idea behind the Lynx 120 design concept is to provide a combat system that offers maximum operational performance in combination with logistic advantages within a reasonable timeframe at a realistic cost.

The vehicle’s main armament is a Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore gun, derived from the main armament of the Leopard 2. It can fire DM11 programmable high-explosive (HE) projectiles. Its secondary armament includes a coaxial machine gun. Moreover, the commander’s independent weapon station will feature an additional .50 cal. machine gun.

A 360° camera system with automatic target detection and tracking reduces the crew's workload in all operational scenarios. Special protection modules enable a mission-specific response to ballistic threats, improvised explosive devices, explosively formed penetrators and artillery fire, and can be quickly mounted with limited tools. 

Moreover, the Lynx 120 can be readily equipped with Rheinmetall's Active Defence System, or ADS, to defeat rocket-propelled grenades and antitank missiles. Additional armour packages and active protection systems can be provided on request. According to Rheinmetall, various countries are interested in acquiring the Lynx as a next-generation replacement for their aging inventories. 

The platform is a contender in Australian and Slovak IFV modernization plans and is competing for the US’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) programme. Hungary became a Lynx launch customer in 2021.