UAE-made patrol boats at NAVDEX 2021

ADSB launches First UAE-Made 16m and 12m Fast Patrol Boats at NAVDEX 2021.

22 February 2021
The 16 m model inboard standard version



UAE boat builder ADSB unveiled the first 16m and a 12m fast patrol boats (FPB) to be fully designed and built in the UAE on the first day of NAVDEX 2021 .

The NAVDEX event is running alongside IDEX at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, 21-25 February. 

The 16m boat is modular in design to accommodate either a short cabin with space for surface-to-surface missile systems or a longer cabin for troop transport. The boat can be armoured to the customer’s preference, with guns ranging from manually operated 12.7 mm to a 30 mm cannon mounted onto a remote weapon station. The 16 m boat was built to meet requirements for the Coast Guard Forces and can additionally feature “self-righting” technology, which helps the boat turn if it capsizes.

The 12m boat can be built from 11m to 13m in length, according to customer requirements. It has a payload of up to 2 tonnes, enabling it to carry a remote weapon station or missile systems if required, and can be configured to operate as an unmanned surface vessel. Intellectual property for both fast patrol boats is wholly owned by ADSB, with the modular design allowing for speedy delivery within weeks instead of months.

“It is a landmark achievement for ADSB to have designed and built the 16 m and 12 m fast patrol boats completely in the UAE for the very first time,” said HE Faisal Al Bannai, CEO and Managing Director of EDGE. “With extensive investment in design capabilities and R&D, this represents a great moment of pride for us to launch these new products at NAVDEX 2021.”

David Massey, CEO of ADSB said, “As we expand our capabilities to go beyond shipbuilding and include end-to-end services such as design and a range of proven and internationally competitive vessels from 11 m to 55 m and beyond, we are delighted to launch our new 16 m and 12 m high-speed boats – fully made in the UAE from conception to production.”

Running one of the largest shipyards in the Middle East, ADSB operates three main naval programmes: corvettes, offshore patrol vessels and fast patrol boats. The company also provides a full range of maintenance, repair and refit, upgrade and conversion, as well as engineering consultancy services.

ADSB is part of the Platforms & Systems cluster at EDGE, an advanced technology group which ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world.