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Since 1977, GuS has been synonymous with the highest level of competence in the development, production, repair of periscopes, bullet resistant glass and composite armor.


About GuS glass + safety GmbH & Co. KG

With the expertise in the selection, processing and combination of materials GuS stands out from the competition. Furthermore, the fact that the products are used by 40 armed forces worldwide also attests credibility. The reliability of a medium-sized family owned company, our high standards, the “Made in Germany” trademark all guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

As the leading specialist in periscope production and having enormous experience on the market, GuS has mastered the art of working with glass and acrylic in countless variations.

Classic Periscopes

The specialists of GuS select materials depending on the weight and the optical requirements for the periscope: glass offers the better optical and heat resistance properties, while acrylic is almost 50% lighter, supplies excellent field vision and ballistic protection, as well as retains visibility during impact.

Foldaway Periscopes
Foldaway Periscopes

Bullet resistant glass:
Each and every day GuS bullet resistant glass is tested in a wide range of combat vehicles in various climate conditions. The offered end-to-end solutions are: planning, manufacturing and maintenance according to customer needs and required standards.

Framed Bullet Resistant Glass

In addition, complete units are delivered and directly installed on vehicles. The modular protection systems are according to individual requests. This means that GuS is highly flexible during the manufacturing stages and able to quickly turn around even the smallest quantities.

Framed Bullet Resistant Glass


As a world-leader of composite technologies the specialists of GuS utilize glass materials and production processes in the most sustainable way. This allows to guarantee optimal qualities in terms of bullet resistance, impermeability, weight, social and environmentally sustainability. New products are in hands by lower weight and increased protection e. g. using ceramics.


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