Dynamic air displays at the World Defense Show featured multi-role combat aircraft and UAV capabilities.

Anita Hawser
07 February 2024
Saudi Hawks at the World Defense Show 2024 in Riyadh


Dynamic air displays at the third day of the World Defense Show in Riyadh featured armoured land vehicles, combat aircraft, unmanned aerial and ground systems, and an exclusive exhibitor test drive experience in the off-road zone. The live land and air display showcased the carbon fibre turboprop Calidus B250 light attack aircraft, the distinctive delta-winged Eurofighter Typhoon, the French Dassault Rafale C, and two roaring F-15s.

The Pakistan Air Force showcased its three JF-17 Thunder multi-role combat aircraft. In the land display area, WDS showcased UAV capabilities, with the Red Cat Teal2, Firejet M180 and Skydio X10D. The dynamic daily air display was led by the Saudi Hawks, the Royal Saudi Air Force aerobatic team, demonstrating their skills and capabilities in the two-seater trainers. In addition, the Chinese national aerobatic team also showcased their piloting expertise. 

Andrew Pearcey, CEO of the World Defense Show, said the show’s airfield includes a 2,700m runway, authorised by GACA and equipped with four taxiways and extensive parking pads. The dedicated airfield is also capable of receiving both domestic and international aircraft.

The day's events also featured the ongoing “Journey to the Future”, which presents emerging technologies and strategies set to revolutionise the defense landscape, including the Azalea Low Earth Orbit Satellite Cluster by BAE Systems Digital Intelligence; the Futuristic UCAV by SAMI Aerospace; and Multipurpose Drone Systems “MDS” by MRN Systems, among others.