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Highlights from the Winter 2022/2023 issue:

Seeing Mastiff In A New Light

NP Aerospace and Horstman engineers talk to us about the Mastiff upgrade for Mali, and why they think the vehicle’s vastly improved performance off-road may be cause to rethink its future.

Ukraine's War of Drones

We interview a Ukrainian start-up that has gone from making commercial drones for inspecting dangerous and hard-to-reach places, to developing ordnance carrying and surveillance drones for the Ukrainian Army.

Back To Reality

Germany was the first country to announce it would increase defence spending following the war in Ukraine. After years of underspending on defence, it was an historic announcement. But almost a year on, what is the reality on the ground?

Poland: A Roadmap for Modernisation

Racking up billions of dollars in foreign defence deals, Poland is determined to replace its aging Soviet-era equipment with more modern pieces of kit. It is also swelling the ranks of its armed forces, and defence spending is expected to rise to record levels in 2023.

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