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NATO To Use Cyber Effects in Defensive Operations

NATO steps up rhetoric on the use of cyber with nations' cyber weapon capabilities to be integrated into NATO missions and operations.

By Anita Hawser - 10 November 2017
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Fallon Falls On His Sword — What Does It Mean For UK Defence?

Michael Fallon bows out as Defence Secretary. Can his successor, Gavin Williamson, get to grips with this challenging ministerial portfolio?

By Anita Hawser - 03 November 2017
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Survival of the Fittest

Cutbacks at BAE Systems highlights the challenges for UK defence companies as they navigate the uncertain world of defence orders.

By Anita Hawser - 13 October 2017
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2017, The Year of the Royal Navy?

The Royal Navy is having a good year, with the launch of the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. But is the Navy 'growing,' as the government suggests?

By Jack Richardson - 27 September 2017
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The March of the Robots?

The Royal Navy wants an unmanned capability for routine mine countermeasures in two years. But don't write off the traditional mine hunters just yet.

By Anita Hawser - 25 September 2017
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Naval and Medical Innovations Dominate At This Year's Show

Unmanned, maritime and medical innovations take centre stage at DSEI 2017 in London.

By Anita Hawser - 11 September 2017
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When Is A Military Exercise Not A Military Exercise?

Russia has used previous military exercises as a cover for invading sovereign territory. So what does it have in store for Zapad 2017?

By Anita Hawser - 30 August 2017
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Portsmouth Harbour Welcomes the First of the New Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers

HMS Queen Elizabeth enters Portsmouth harbour, the home of the Royal Navy, for the first time after more than a month of sea trials.

By - 16 August 2017
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The US Tests Laser Weapons To Counter Drones

The US is ramping up efforts to defeat UAVs and rockets with laser weapons. The latest test saw a laser fired from an Apache helicopter.

By Anita Hawser - 12 July 2017
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Construction to Commence on Royal Navy's Type 26 GCS

The new Type 26 Global Combat Ship will provide the Royal Navy with more up-to-date ASW and high-end war fighting capabilities.

By Anita Hawser - 04 July 2017
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A New U-Boat Peril?

Germany is investing in anti-submarine warfare to address modern-day hybrid threats and provide a limited land strike capability.

By Anita Hawser - 05 June 2017
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Trident – All At Sea?

The UK government has approved the billion-pound Trident replacement programme, but is it worth considering other alternatives?

By Nick Childs - 26 April 2017
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Royal Navy To Test Cyber And Artificial Intelligence At Information Warrior

The Royal Navy will test the protection of submarines and war ships against cyber attacks at Information Warrior.

By - 17 February 2017
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Today’s radar challenge

How the electronic warfare (EW) and electronic intelligence (ELINT) communities are keeping pace with modern threats.

By Rohde & Schwarz - 20 January 2017
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Defence and Security Co-operation With The EU Will Continue

The UK will continue to work with the EU on defence and security matters, says UK PM Theresa May in her first major speech on Brexit.

By Anita Hawser - 17 January 2017
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Innovation And Technology For The 21st Century

Scott Safety discusses the importance of doctrine, innovation and technology for current and future maritime operations.

By Brian Clesham MBE - 16 January 2017
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The Fallout From Brexit

Immediately following the UK vote to leave the EU, the pound declined in value, which is likely to impact the cost of already announced defence acquisition programmes and support costs for in-service equipment.

By Stuart Young, Peter Antill and Richard Fisher - 03 January 2017
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Playing The Trump Card In US Defence Policy

President-elect Trump made a lot of comments—some controversial—on defence matters during his election campaign

By Nick Watts - 03 January 2017
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Canada completes Halifax-class Modernization/Frigate Life Extension Project

New radar and electronic warfare capabilities, upgraded missiles and communications will see the Halifax-class frigates in service until the mid-2030s.

By Anita Hawser - 29 November 2016
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Trump and the Middle East: Challenges to Regaining US Supremacy

Can President-elect Trump bring America back from the low point in Middle East relations achieved under Obama's presidency?

By Riad Kahwaji - 17 November 2016
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Unmanned Systems – The New Normal For Navies

The US Navy aims to leverage unmanned systems to assert its dominance above and below the surface of the water. But are other navies falling behind?

By Anita Hawser - 26 October 2016
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Unmanned Warrior Demo for Royal Navy

Unmanned Warrior in Scotland, is a first for the Navy in terms of it working closely with industry, academia and small- to medium-enterprises to help shape future unmanned maritime capabilities.

By Anita Hawser - 19 September 2016
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Diving in the Deep End: Unmanned Maritime Systems

Unmanned systems are being explored in areas such as maritime surveillance, mine countermeasures and anti-submarine warfare. But figuring out how they will work alongside manned assets and capabilities is still a work in progress.

By Anita Hawser - 16 September 2016
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Maritime News

Mobile Sensors For Coastal And Port Security

An all robotic solution with mobile sensors for port and coastal surveillance is unveiled at Milipol Paris.

- 21 November 2017
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Norsafe launches its new Marathon 900 multi-mission RHIB, which emphasises ergonomics and safety.

Norsafe - 03 November 2017
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High Probability of Detection for Unmanned System

SAR sonar on an unmanned surface vessel reduces false positives in mine detection, says report.

- 31 October 2017
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Saudi Arabian Military Industries Announces Board of Directors

Former Rheinmetall head to help Saudi Arabian Military Industries become top 25 global defence company.

- 31 October 2017
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Critical Communications for Royal Navy Fleet

Thales awarded £100 million through life support contract for Royal Navy communication systems.

- 11 October 2017
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Thales to Introduce AI Into Applications for Armed Forces

New centre for research in Artificial Intelligence to aid decision-makers on the battlefield.

- 11 October 2017
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Remotely-operated Anti-Submarine Warfare

Elbit Systems successfully demonstrates unmanned systems for anti-submarine warfare.

- 22 September 2017
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UK Laser Weapon Demonstrator unveiled

The laser beam director for the UK's Laser Directed Energy Weapon is unveiled at DSEI in London.

- 12 September 2017
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Unmanned Surface Vehicle Targets

Royal Canadian Navy orders 40 Hammerhead USV targets and payloads from QinetiQ Target Systems.

- 11 September 2017
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Through Life Asset Management

A centralised solution for managing and tracking deployed defence assets more efficiently.

- 11 September 2017
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The Supacat of RIBs

Armoured vehicle specialist Supacat will demonstrate its new Rigid Inflatable Boat on the Thames during DSEI.

- 08 September 2017
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Mine Warfare of the Future

An unnamed Asian navy takes delivery of fully automated underwater robot demining system.

- 08 September 2017
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Clearing Mines Faster

VENARI-85 is a step change in the way mine countermeasures ship design is approached.

- 04 September 2017
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In-Service Support Contract Makes History

Thales awarded €3.5 billion contract to support Canada's Arctic Patrol Vessels.

- 17 August 2017
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SAMDIS Synthetic Aperture Sonar Makes Detection and Classification of Mines Easier

Thales successfully completes demonstration of its Mine-Hunting Unmanned Package in Belgium.

- 28 June 2017
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Patria AMV28A armoured wheeled vehicle

Patria's AMV28A armoured wheeled vehicle completes amphibious tests in Finland.

Patria - 20 June 2017
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Canada To Boost Defence Spending By More than 70%

Cyber, air attack and intelligence among areas to benefit from new Canadian defence policy.

Anita Hawser - 11 June 2017
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Wireless Technologies For Maritime Communications

The adoption of commercial wireless technologies for underwater communications.

- 24 May 2017
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Kazakhstan Navy Tests ECA Groups UMIS For Unmanned Mine Countermeasures

Successful sea trials of UMIS system for Kazakhstan Navy and Towed Side Scan Radar.

- 23 May 2017
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Trump to Announce Major Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

Arms deal could be worth up to $350bn over 10 years – one of the largest in history.

Mythili Sampathkumar Independent - New York - 22 May 2017
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Rostec tests Ka-52k helicopters in marine conditions

Rostec Ka-52K helicopters complete the first phase of testing in marine conditions.

Rostec - 05 May 2017
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A New 'Lingua Franca' for Underwater, Networked Communications

NATO underwater communications standard for data exchange between robotic systems.

Anita Hawser - 02 May 2017
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MBDA Next-Generation Air Defence Missiles for British Army and Navy

Sea Ceptor and Land Ceptor will protect the Royal Navy's war ships and enhance ground-based air defence.

- 24 April 2017
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Royal Canadian Navy Victoria Class Submarines Radar Upgrade

Canadian Navy Victoria Class submarines to be fitted with modern, high performance radar.

- 07 April 2017
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MoD's Defence Equipment Plan Comes Up Short

The UK Ministry of Defence needs to find more savings to fund its future Equipment Plan.

- 30 January 2017
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The US Navy's Unmanned Influence Sweep System

On-water testing for US Navy unmanned surface vessel commences.

- 26 January 2017
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IVECO - Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV)

First Amphibious Combat Vehicle based on Iveco platform rolled out to Marine Corps.

IVECO - 18 January 2017
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UK Innovation: Laser Weapon Contract Awarded

MOD awards £30m contract to produce Laser Directed Energy Weapon (LDEW).

UK MoD - 09 January 2017
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Sonar Upgrade for Australia's Collins Class Submarines

Sonar system upgrade for Australia's Collins Class submarines.

- 29 November 2016
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MBDA To Demo Sea Ceptor for Type 26

Sea Ceptor missile will defend Type 26 against advanced air threats.

- 04 November 2016
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The UK and France step up co-operation on unmanned minehunting

UK and France collaborate on autonomous system for detecting and neutralising sea mines.

- 26 October 2016
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Unmanned Mine Countermeasures Come of Age

Unmanned systems for mine countermeasures dominate at Euronaval.

- 17 October 2016
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Unmanned Warrior 16

World’s first large scale demonstration of marine robotic systems hosted by the UK.

UK MoD - 17 October 2016
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Europe's Naval Industrial Base Comes Out on Top, But More Investment needed

The EU naval industrial base is in a good position to fight off increasing competition.

- 10 October 2016
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First Unmanned Mine Countermeasure Systems Deployed

Minehunter vessels in stand off role as robotised mine countermeasure systems hunt for mines.

DPI - 21 September 2016
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Ministry of Defence 'facing extra £700m costs post Brexit'

MoD is facing extra costs of up to £700m a year following the UK's Brexit vote, experts warn.

- 15 September 2016
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Trump pledges big US military expansion

Donald Trump says he will expand all areas of the US military.

- 15 September 2016
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