Eight new mortar vessels for Swedish amphibious forces

Sweden's amphibious forces to get new indirect fire capability to provide fire support to coastal units.

Anita Hawser
30 May 2023


Sweden is strengthening its defence capabilities at sea with eight new mortar vessels. The vessels will be equipped with Patria’s NEMO Navy turreted 120 mm system.

Amphibious units in Stockholm and Gothenburg will soon have eight vessels that can provide artillery support from the sea, giving them the ability to fire indirect fire with good precision during an advance at sea.

“It is very gratifying that we can realise a completely new capability that gives the Armed Forces' amphibious units a greatly increased opportunity to provide fire support to coastal units within the land and sea forces,” said Claes Westergren, head of production at FMV, Sweden's defence materiel administration.

He said the sea-mobile component is crucial to be able to quickly regroup to another location and provide new fire support in a combat situation. 

The new artillery platforms will be able to move and be ready to fire in a few minutes.

In addition to indirect fire, the boat's own sensors and weapon systems will also be used for self-protection with direct fire. 

Patria is delivering its mortar system to the Swedish armed forces for the first time as a subcontractor to Swede Ship Marine AB. Patria NEMO Navy can be integrated onto a variety of platforms, including the Patria 6x6 armoured vehicle, which the Swedish armed forces have already ordered.

“We have developed the best possible solution for Swedish amphibious troops together with Swede Ship Marine AB. It is yet another example of Swedish–Finnish corporate cooperation, and it also confirms the unique position of Patria’s NEMO mortar system in the Nordic market, as well as globally,” says Mats Warstedt, head of the Nordics at Patria.