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Interview: José Gustavo, Embraer Defense & Security

Embraer Defense & Security talks about the reasons behind the C-390 Millennium's success in the global military transport market.

By Jack Richardson - 11 February 2024
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Ensuring Water Security: North Water Greenland's Strategic Water Reserve

In a world grappling with the growing challenges of water scarcity and emergency situations, North Water Greenland emerges as a steadfast guardian, delivering a strategic water reserve through bulk tanker vessels for acute or emergency deployment

By North Water Greenland - 05 December 2023
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Collins Aerospace

Q&A with Paul Dawkins Collins Aerospace - Large Area Display (LAD)

By Jack Richardson - 28 September 2023
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DE&S CEO Interview Andy Start: UK defence procurement is making good progress

Despite UK defence procurement being described as 'broken,' DE&S CEO Andy Start says most programmes are executed well.

By Anita Hawser - 22 September 2023
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Schiebel Q&A

Sponsored content: Q&A at DSEI London 2023 with Neil Hunter, Global Head of Business Development, Schiebel

By Jack Richardson - 19 September 2023
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Japan shrugs off its pacifist outlook to prepare for future conflict

As regional tensions bite, Japan is focusing on international defence partnerships and eyeing growth in defence exports.

By Atul Chandra - 15 August 2023
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Europe seeks advanced air defence systems from Israeli companies

Poland, Romania, and Scandinavian countries are talking with "the right people" in Israel about rapid acquisitions of air defence systems, say sources.

By By Arie Egozi - 11 April 2023
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What does Saudi Arabia's closer ties with Iran mean for Israel's defence industry?

Israeli defence companies may have missed out on the weapons bonanza in Saudi Arabia, following the brokering of a deal between the kingdom and Iran.

By By Arie Egozi - 19 March 2023
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Why the Hermes 900 is one of Elbit Systems most popular MALE UAVs

The lifting of a gagging order recently revealed that armed UAVs like Elbit Systems' Hermes-900 have been extensively used in operations against Hamas in Gaza.

By By Arie Egozi - 09 March 2023
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Vasyl Bodnar, Ukraine's ambassador to Turkey talks drones, tanks and returning Crimea home

The end of the war in Ukraine will come much faster if the west supplies fighter jets, tanks, and long-range missiles, says Ukraine's ambassador to Turkey.

By Tayfun Ozberk - 01 March 2023
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The war in Ukraine could potentially last until 2025 says Fitch Solutions

When is the war in Ukraine likely to end? According to Fitch Solutions, both sides have enough resources to sustain fighting for another two years.

By Anita Hawser - 26 February 2023
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Ukraine's Drone Wars

Hear from the Ukrainian start-up that is giving the Ukrainian Army a technological edge, building and repairing ordnance-carrying and surveillance drones.

By Anita Hawser - 19 January 2023
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OPINION: How is Germany spending its €100bn fund for defence?

Almost 12 months after German chancellor Olaf Scholz announced an historic €100bn fund to rearm the Bundeswehr, what is the reality on the ground?

By By Joachim Schranzhofer  - 19 January 2023
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Turkish Aerospace unveils ANKA-3 unmanned jet and HURJET light attack aircraft.

Details of Turkish Aerospace Industry's new unmanned ANKA-3 jet and the first indigenous jet trainer, HURJET, are revealed by Turkish media.

By Tayfun Ozberk - 10 January 2023
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Technology, combined with Ukrainian bravery, can do incredible things.

Ukraine and NATO appeal to innovative tech start-ups to help them build disruptive technologies to protect and defend at Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon.

By Anita Hawser - 04 November 2022
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Iranian kamikaze drones: An Economical Solution for Russia Instead of Cruise Missiles

As cruise missile stocks decline, Russia has turned to kamikaze drones made by Iran, which experts say could significantly stress traditional air defences.

By Tayfun Ozberk - 21 October 2022
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India and Israel find themselves on opposing sides in the Armenia-Azerbaijan border dispute

At the same time Israel is stepping up its military support for Azerbaijan, India, which is a major buyer of Israeli weapons, is reportedly arming Armenia.

By By ARIE EGOZI - 06 October 2022
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Ukraine's Army of Drones crowdfunding campaign

Your drone can help us win this war. Ukraine's Army of Drones crowdfunding project aims to procure thousands of drones for air reconnaissance.

By Anita Hawser - 04 October 2022
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First order from a major European NATO military force of UVision HERO loitering munitions.

Rheinmetall and UVision announce first order for HERO loitering munitions from a major European NATO military force.

By Anita Hawser - 02 September 2022
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European countries eye Iron Dome

European interest in Israel's Iron Dome is peaking, with countries like the Czech Republic said to be taking a "very serious look."

By By ARIE EGOZI - 13 August 2022
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Turkey Doesn't Just Make Drones: Farnborough Air Show

Turkish Aerospace, which aims to be one of the 10th largest aviation companies in the world, to showcase drones, helicopter and trainer aircraft at Farnborough.

By Anita Hawser - 18 July 2022
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What has Turkey gained by lifting its veto against Sweden and Finland's NATO membership?

At NATO's recent Strategic Summit in Madrid, Turkey lifted its veto against Sweden and Finland joining the military alliance. But what did it gain in return?

By Tayfun Ozberk - 04 July 2022
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New capabilities that will be unveiled at Eurosatory 2022 in Paris

A new main battle tank, drone swarms, and AI-powered Remote Weapon Stations, will be unveiled at Eurosatory 2022 in Paris.

By Anita Hawser - 12 June 2022
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Iran and an accelerated nuclear arms race in the Middle East

Could the West's failure to secure a new nuclear deal with Iran, force some Arab and Middle East countries to develop their own nuclear weapon programmes?

By Arie Egozi - 14 April 2022
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UK government inquiry to gather evidence about policing PMCs

A UK government inquiry aims to better understand how private military contractors like the Wagner Group operate, and whether members can be sanctioned.

By Staff writers - 01 April 2022
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What is the hype about hypersonic missiles?

Having used cluster munitions and thermobaric weapons, is the purported use of hypersonic missiles by Russia a deadly escalation in the Russia-Ukraine War?

By Anita Hawser - 20 March 2022
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It's Time to Get Sneaky

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine looks like conventional warfare on steroids. But focusing on traditional tactics, may prevent us from seeing the advantages of a ‘sneaky war’ against Russia.

By Sean McFate - 20 March 2022
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Why Has Russia Invaded Ukraine?

NATO expansion into Eastern Europe and fears that Ukraine will acquire nuclear weapons are Vladimir Putin's justifications for invading Ukraine.

By Anita Hawser - 24 February 2022
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How does the Russia–Ukraine crisis stack up in terms of numbers?

Ukraine may have strengthened its military power, but Russia's overall military presence on its border and in Belarus is almost equivalent to the size of Ukraine's Armed Forces.

By Tayfun Ozberk - 08 February 2022
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UK MoD is wasting billions of dollars in taxpayers money, according to Labour dossier

The Labour Party's 'Dossier of Waste,' says the UK Ministry of Defence is failing British troops and taxpayers by mismanaging defence contracts worth billions.

By Anita Hawser - 05 January 2022
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How will Turkey solve its F-35 conundrum?

Shut out from the F-35 programme by the US, could Russian fighter jets, F-16s or drones be the answer to Turkey's fighter-jet ambitions?

By Tayfun Ozberk - 09 December 2021
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Why China's armed UAVs are a global export success, and its fighter jets, not so much

China has disrupted the armed military drone market with successful sales to a number of Middle East countries, but its military fighter jet sales have stalled.

By Atul Chandra - 05 November 2021
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Royal Air Force launches first trial of self-driving technology on its airbases

Autonomous delivery robots have been trialled at RAF Brize Norton air base for the very first time to deliver spares and supplies.

By - 30 September 2021
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China Shows Off Air Power at CPC Centennial Fly Past

China's new J-20 stealth fighter and Z-8L helicopter featured in fly past marking Communist Party centenary celebrations.

By Atul Chandra - 01 July 2021
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China’s Aircraft Carrier Ambitions Drive a Race for Superiority

Just a handful of countries, including China, the US, France and South Korea, are reimagining what the next generation of aircraft carriers will look like.

By Atul Chandra - 14 June 2021
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Hypersonic Missiles: Who is in the lead?

The progress made by Russia and China in developing hypersonic weapon systems has caught the West by surprise. The US and other countries are now racing to catch-up.

By Atul Chandra - 28 May 2021
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What's In Hamas' Weapons Arsenal

Up against a more sophisticated and well-funded Israeli Defence Force, Hamas is using kamikaze drones and rockets it has built with help from Iran or smuggled from Russia.

By Arie Egozi - 17 May 2021
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Saab Makes Final Offer for Finland's Fighter Jet Replacement

Saab hopes the Gripen E's smart avionics and advanced EW suite, combined with GlobalEye's sensor capabilities, will wow the Finns who are are looking for a new combat aircraft.

By Anita Hawser - 04 May 2021
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Ten Years of Iron Dome

Israel's Iron Dome Defence System recently celebrated 10 years since its first combat encounter on April 7, 2011. But is it as effective today as it was then?

By Anita Hawser - 08 April 2021
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Myanmar's Military Coup: How The Tatmadaw Have Clung on to Power for More Than 50 years

Myanmar's military, the Tatmadaw, continue to receive weapons from foreign countries despite humans rights abuses.

By By Sarosh Bana - 01 April 2021
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A Pacifist Flexes Its Military Muscles

Japan moves on from its pacifist past with an ambitious defence spending programme on maritime and ballistic missile defence worth $50 billion.

By By Sarosh Bana - 15 March 2021
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Israeli Defence Firms To Deepen Ties with the UAE

The pandemic prevented Israeli defence companies from attending IDEX 2021, but future defence co-operation with the UAE looks promising, say officials.

By Arie Egozi - 25 February 2021
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On The Defensive

Small unmanned aircraft systems present a growing threat to US personnel, facilities and assets. Now the US Department of Defense has a strategy to counter them.

By By Ed Nash - 25 January 2021
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SafeScan Gives New Dimensions to Warfighters by Letting them “See” Inside Buildings

With SafeScan seeing through walls gives anti-terror and hostage teams the ability to detect static and moving individuals.

By Ed Nash - 20 November 2020
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UK PM Boris Johnson announces £16.5 billion boost for defence spending

The UK MoD's £16.5 billion windfall will be spent on shiny new toys, but legacy platforms still need to be maintained and the Equipment Plan is way over budget.

By Anita Hawser - 19 November 2020
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Wrangling Continues for Canadian Fighter Contract

The contract to replace Canada's aging CF-188 Hornet fleet is far from sown up, but costs to maintain the Air Force's old aircraft continue to climb.

By Ed Nash - 11 November 2020
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Israel Asks For Greater Access to F-35's Avionics Suite

Israel has asked Washington again for access to the F-35's avionics so it can equip the stealth fighter with advanced, but unspecified Israeli weapon systems.

By Arie Egozi - 21 October 2020
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Following last year's GPS-denial attack, Israel's defence industry has stepped up efforts to combat GPS jamming by adapting systems used for air-borne anti-jamming.

By Arie Egozi - 15 October 2020
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The Limitations of India's Air Defences

A truncated deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets orchestrated by India's PM Narendra Modi, has left India's Air Force with a considerable shortfall in its depleting fleet.

By Sarosh Bana - 30 September 2020
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The First Brazilian Gripen Has Flown in Brazil

The Brazilian Air Force's Gripen multi-mission fighter jet programme takes off with the first test flight of the F-39 Gripen on Brazilian soil in September.

By - 28 September 2020
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Israel and the UAE: A New Era of Co-operation?

With the normalisation of diplomatic ties between Israel and the UAE, what are the potential export opportunities for Israeli defence companies?

By Arie Egozi - 17 August 2020
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Australia To Build Its Own Unmanned Aircraft in Partnership with Boeing

Australia's Air Force looks to manned-unmanned teaming with the Loyal Wingman, the first military aircraft to be built in Australia in more than 50 years.

By - 06 May 2020
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Air Safety Certification Phase for Reaper Replacement

As flight safety tests for the RAF's Protector RPAS ramp up, will Detect and Avoid systems be enough for certification to fly in non-segregated airspace.

By Anita Hawser - 21 April 2020
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Autonomous Resupply for US Military Flies Into Reality

In future, autonomous resupply will support ground convoys and manned aircraft, which today are at risk of coming under attack.

By - 15 April 2020
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Fighting An Invisible Enemy

Armies, Air Forces and Navies around the world are mobilising to help overwhelmed health services deal with the global coronavirus pandemic.

By Anita Hawser - 02 April 2020
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US European Command Remains Ready, Despite COVID-19 Threat

US European Command prepares for worst-case scenario with respect to the potential spread of COVID-19, but maintains that forces remain ready.

By Anita Hawser - 20 March 2020
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The US Sets The Pace for Drone Strikes

The advent of drones like the MQ-9 Reaper have made it easier for militaries to launch attacks like the one the US ordered against Iran's General Soleimani.

By Anita Hawser - 04 January 2020
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EU Ballistic Missile Defence

EU countries to develop new "endo-atmospheric" interceptor for addressing a wide range of ballistic missile threats.

By - 18 November 2019
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UAE To Build Defence and Security Technology Powerhouse

The UAE launches new advanced defence and security technology group, EDGE, which consolidates more than 25 entities in the region.

By - 05 November 2019
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A New Era of Maritime Patrol for the RAF

The RAF's maritime patrol capability has been bolstered by the arrival of the first Boeing Poseidon MRA1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

By - 03 November 2019
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Strategies for Writing Winning Defence Tenders

Adopt the mindset of the Army you are supplying in order to write winning defence tenders, says bid writing specialist.

By Jason Cooney - 15 October 2019
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Yugoimport-SDPR, DSEI-2019

Rocket artillery systems and combat vehicle armament at Yugoimport-SDPR's R&D programmes.

By Yugoimport-SDPR - 17 July 2019
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Australian Defence Looks To Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is being used by Australia to develop defence technologies for detecting submarines and stealth aircraft.

By Angela Skujins - 14 April 2019
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Why the Military Are Worried About Drones Falling Into The Wrong Hands

Commercial-off-the-shelf drones give terrorists the ability to launch attacks without complex support networks.

By Jack Richardson - 15 February 2019
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Getting To Grips With Robots

Biggest British military robotics exercise tests the use of COTs unmanned systems to provide forces with lower-cost tools on the battle field.

By Anita Hawser - 15 November 2018
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A Billion More For Defence, But Is It Enough?

UK Chancellor finds an extra £1 billion for UK defence, but it won't plug the £20 billion hole in the Defence Equipment Plan.

By Anita Hawser - 29 October 2018
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Leasing UAVs is the way to go, says state-owned IAI

IAI expects Belgium, France and the Netherlands to follow Germany's lead by leasing the Heron TP Male RPAS.

By Arie Egozi from Israel - 14 October 2018
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Rafael Extended Range Spike Variant to Compete for German Tiger Programme

Rafael says new Spike missile variant can detect camouflaged targets and defeat armour protection on most Main Battle Tanks.

By - 04 September 2018
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First Sea Trials for F-35B

HMS Queen Elizabeth sets sail for first fast jet sea trials of the F-35B. But what do budget and personnel cutbacks really mean for the UK's future Carrier Strike capability?

By Anita Hawser - 23 August 2018
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The Future For UK Combat Aircraft Hangs In The Balance

The aerospace industry calls for investment and support to maintain the UK's leading position in combat air power, which has been challenged by defence budget cuts and the growing procurement of systems from abroad.

By Anita Hawser - 06 July 2018
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Memorabilia from Vulcan Bombing Raid During the Falklands War Up For Auction

Rare memorabilia from a decorated bombing ace who flew the nuclear deterrent, the Vulcan bomber, during the Falklands War, goes under the hammer.

By Anita Hawser - 02 April 2018
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Loitering Airborne Systems

Loitering munitions provide eyes in the sky for target acquisition as well as lethal firepower. Has their time finally arrived?

By Giulia Tilenni - 05 March 2018
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Eyes In The Sky, But At What Cost?

The RAF's Reaper Squadron recently celebrated more than 10 years of operations. But it has not been without risk or rigour for the new class of RPAS operators.

By Jack Richardson - 20 December 2017
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White-Knuckle Ride

In Lockheed Martin's F-35 Full Mission Simulator, pilots can experience the fog of war, as if they were flying the real aircraft in combat, which would be difficult to recreate on live ranges.

By Anita Hawser - 11 December 2017
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Autonomous Decision-Making

Sorting fiction from reality: How much autonomy should machines be given on the battle field to make decisions without human intervention?

By Anita Hawser - 24 November 2017
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NATO To Use Cyber Effects in Defensive Operations

NATO steps up rhetoric on the use of cyber with nations' cyber weapon capabilities to be integrated into NATO missions and operations.

By Anita Hawser - 10 November 2017
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Fallon Falls On His Sword — What Does It Mean For UK Defence?

Michael Fallon bows out as Defence Secretary. Can his successor, Gavin Williamson, get to grips with this challenging ministerial portfolio?

By Anita Hawser - 03 November 2017
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Survival of the Fittest

Cutbacks at BAE Systems highlights the challenges for UK defence companies as they navigate the uncertain world of defence orders.

By Anita Hawser - 13 October 2017
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Naval and Medical Innovations Dominate At This Year's Show

Unmanned, maritime and medical innovations take centre stage at DSEI 2017 in London.

By Anita Hawser - 11 September 2017
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The US Tests Laser Weapons To Counter Drones

The US is ramping up efforts to defeat UAVs and rockets with laser weapons. The latest test saw a laser fired from an Apache helicopter.

By Anita Hawser - 12 July 2017
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F-35 To Be Sold To 11 Countries In Deal Reportedly Valued At More than $37 Billion

The F-35 wows at Paris Air Show, whilst rumours circulate that a major deal for the aircraft involving 11 countries is in the pipeline.

By Anita Hawser - 20 June 2017
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All NATO Enhanced Forward Battle Groups in the Baltics Are Now in Place

The biggest build-up of forces for a generation on NATO's eastern flank is complete, but what is their effectiveness?

By Anita Hawser & Ralph Zwilling - 19 June 2017
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Armed UAVs: Who Has Them, Who Wants Them?

Just 10 countries worldwide have armed UAVs; many more want them, and China seems willing to oblige.

By Anita Hawser - 02 March 2017
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Can Micro-UAVs Help In The Fight Against Terrorism?

Micro-UAVs can help track terrorists, but are they reliable enough to replace traditional intelligence methods?

By Jack Richardson - 24 February 2017
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The Coming Drone Swarm

Swarming UAVs demonstrate enormous attack potential. But the technology still needs to be proven and trusted.

By Jack Richardson - 16 February 2017
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Could Turkish Deal Help Sustain UK Combat Aircraft Expertise?

BAE Systems and Turkish Aerospace Industries collaboration seen as vital to sustaining the future of UK industry combat aircraft expertise.

By Anita Hawser - 31 January 2017
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General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis, US Defense Secretary

US Defense Secretary, General Mattis, spent his first day on the job overseeing air strikes against ISIL and speaking with NATO's Secretary General.

By Anita Hawser - 26 January 2017
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Defence and Security Co-operation With The EU Will Continue

The UK will continue to work with the EU on defence and security matters, says UK PM Theresa May in her first major speech on Brexit.

By Anita Hawser - 17 January 2017
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Guided Bombs Get Smaller And Smarter

The race is on to produce longer-range, precision-guided missiles that can more accurately identify and hone in on targets.

By Doug Richardson - 03 January 2017
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The Fallout From Brexit

Immediately following the UK vote to leave the EU, the pound declined in value, which is likely to impact the cost of already announced defence acquisition programmes and support costs for in-service equipment.

By Stuart Young, Peter Antill and Richard Fisher - 03 January 2017
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Playing The Trump Card In US Defence Policy

President-elect Trump made a lot of comments—some controversial—on defence matters during his election campaign

By Nick Watts - 03 January 2017
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Trump and the Middle East: Challenges to Regaining US Supremacy

Can President-elect Trump bring America back from the low point in Middle East relations achieved under Obama's presidency?

By Riad Kahwaji - 17 November 2016
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Soldiers Take Down Drone Using Laser Signal

US soldiers have disabled a commercial off-the-shelf drone using a non-kinetic counter-UAV system.

By Anita Hawser - 04 November 2016
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Counter UAV: Defeating The Device

Manufacturers are coming up with increasingly innovative ways of stopping rogue UAVs in their tracks.

By Giulia Tilenni - 14 September 2016
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MALE 2020: The European UAV To Be?

MALE 2020 is Europe's answer to building a sovereign MALE UAV capability and reducing countries reliance on off-the-shelf solutions from the US and Israel. But can it get off the ground?

By Giulia Tilenni - 14 September 2016
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Air News

News In brief: BMT and DMV collaborate on Australia Future Landing Craft; Another GlobalEye for UAE

BMT and DMV to adapt CAIMEN® Large Design to support amphibious capabilities in littoral environments

- 25 April 2024
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Saab receives order from FMV to explore future fighter concept.

- 22 March 2024
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Germany to receive the latest Patriot configuration 3+ radars, launchers, C2 stations, from Raytheon.

- 22 March 2024
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"European defence needs to adjust to a new world", says Eurosatory director

Eurosatory 2024 seeks to provide new answers to new defence and security challenges

Anita Hawser - 20 March 2024
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Cyberani and Thales join forces to protect Saudi's digital infrastructure against cyber attacks.

- 17 March 2024
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Embraer and ST Engineering to cooperate on M&S services for the C-390 Millennium.

- 17 March 2024
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Lockheed Martin-F-16 Block 70

Lockheed Martin-F-16 Block 70 Jets Set Off on Historic Ferry Flight to Bahrain: A New Era in Air Defense

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) - 07 March 2024
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SCHIEBEL - 22 February 2024
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Singapore Airshow 2024

Singapore Airshow 2024 spotlights innovation with a focus on sustainability

Singapore Airshow 2024 - 19 February 2024
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Schiebel Camcopter S-100 receives approval in Australia to fly in civilian airspace

Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approval for the Schiebel Camcopter S-100 opens up civilian applications for the rotary wing UAS.

- 15 February 2024
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Dynamic air displays at the World Defense Show featured multi-role combat aircraft and UAV capabilities.

Anita Hawser - 07 February 2024
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Lockheed Martin to source components for THAAD missile defence system from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's defence localisation efforts boosted by Lockheed Martin contract for THAAD components.

- 07 February 2024
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Schiebel expands Abu Dhabi presence to service South Korean contract for CAMCOPTER® S-300

Schiebel expands capabilities in Abu Dhabi to service South Korea contract for the CAMCOPTER® S-300 UAS.

- 07 February 2024
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GAMI announces increased defence localisation rates for Saudi Arabia at World Defense Show

Defence localisation rates increase to 13.6% at the end of 2022, says GAMI at the World Defense Show.

Anita Hawser - 05 February 2024
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World Defense Show 2024

A growing list of cutting edge assets from electric aircraft to 60-tonne tanks on display at World Defense Show 2024

World Defense Show 2024 - 31 January 2024
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World Defense Show-4-8 Feb 2024, Riyadh, KSA

World Defense Show 2024- under the esteemed patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, has revealed some of the industry titans and senior government figures who will address the show’s visitors and exhibitors over four days.

World Defense Show 2024 - 08 January 2024
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Patria and Finnish Defence Forces create national solutions for F-35 maintenance and service capabilities.

- 19 December 2023
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Austria will upgrade its Skyguard air defence systems to counter new threats

The Austrian Army’s Skyguard Next Gen air defence system is a paradigm shift in anti-aircraft and counter-drone capabilities.

Anita Hawser - 12 December 2023
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South Korea to become first Asian operator of the C-390 Millennium transport aircraft

Embraer to provide an undisclosed number of C-390 Millennium transport aircraft to the Korean Air Force.

Anita Hawser - 04 December 2023
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TEKEVER and CRFS launch UAS carrying highly sensitive RF sensors for beyond horizon surveillance.

- 23 November 2023
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UK Space Command UK Space Agency awards space domain awareness contract to Spaceflux

UK Space Command to boost space domain awareness of critical satellites with new sensor in Cyprus.

Anita Hawser - 22 November 2023
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The Russian CBRN threat: How real is it, and is the West prepared?

As the war in Ukraine drags on, Russia could revert to chemical weapons, says a new report. But how would allies respond?

Anita Hawser - 27 October 2023
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RAF Waddington

A new uncrewed RAF aircraft, capable of global surveillance operations, will begin trials in the UK this week.

RAF Waddington - 24 October 2023
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PARTNER 2023 Defence Exhibition – Belgrade Serbia

In its 11th iteration over the last 22 years PARTNER 2023 has proved to be an overwhelming success.

DPI - 28 September 2023
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Collins Elbit Vision Systems (CEVS)

U.S. Navy awards RTX and Elbit Systems of America a $16 million contract for improved F/A-18 pilot helmet mounted display system

RTX - 28 September 2023
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STREAMLIGHT® - 21 September 2023
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New loitering munitions at DSEI 2023

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict sees loitering munitions take centre stage at DSEI 2023.

Anita Hawser - 13 September 2023
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Saab acquires UK drone and autonomous swarm specialist BlueBear Systems

Why has Saab bought UK AI and drone swarm specialist BlueBear Systems?

- 31 August 2023
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Rheinmetall’s LUNA NG reconnaissance drone will be sent to Ukraine

The LUNA NG unmanned reconnaissance system will be introduced in Ukraine under the name “Husar”.

- 15 August 2023
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Slim, High-Performance Light Designed for Easy Pocket Carry, One-Handed Use

Streamlight® Inc. - 10 August 2023
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Rheinmetall, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin to build F-35 fuselage factory in Germany

F-35 fuselage factory in Weeze, Germany, will produce at least 400 F-35A fuselage sections.

- 04 July 2023
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NDAA certification for Israeli drone start-up XTEND

Israeli drone start-up XTEND to expand US presence following NDAA certification.

- 29 June 2023
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Dupree International - 22 June 2023
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Rafael, Diehl and Hensoldt teaming agreement for German Eurofighter EK programme

Rafael, Diehl and Hensoldt join forces to deliver SPICE ER for German Eurofighter EK.

- 22 June 2023
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World Defense Show

World Defense Show in Riyadh Reports Skyrocketing Global Interest Amid Paris Air Show

World Defense Show - 21 June 2023
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Romania moves forward with first order for Watchkeeper X tactical UAS

Romania signs purchase order for first three Watchkeeper X tactical UAS from Elbit Systems.

- 21 June 2023
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Sponsored Content: Waypoint® 400 Offers Greater Lumens and Candela for Enhanced Down-Range Lighting

Streamlight® Inc. - 16 June 2023
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Rafael to unveil Sky Sonic hypersonic missile interceptor at Paris Air Show

Rafael says its Sky Sonic Interceptor is a major technological leap in hypersonic missile defence.

Anita Hawser - 15 June 2023
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Hybrid intelligence system from MARSS to protect nine Middle East critical infrastructure sites

MARSS completes successful test milestone in Middle-East critical infrastructure protection.

- 30 May 2023
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SPONSORED CONTENT: Small Company Evolved Into Global Provider of Flashlights, Lanterns and Headlamps

Streamlight® Inc. - 17 April 2023
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Airbus: Manned and unmanned teaming for autonomous flight and air-to-air refuelling

Airbus achieves in-flight autonomous guidance and control of a drone from a tanker aircraft

- 28 March 2023
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EDGE to Establish Joint Research and Development Centre for Autonomous Solutions with UAVOS

EDGE Group Development Centre for Autonomous Solutions will develop laser-based counter-UAV solutions.

- 08 March 2023
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Blighter awarded contract from Raytheon UK for laser energy weapon system project

Blighter Multi-Mode drone detection radar to feature in Raytheon UK's laser weapon system.

- 08 March 2023
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EDGE Group's contract haul on second day of IDEX 2023

EDGE Group nets major contracts for loitering and glide munitions at IDEX 2023.

Anita Hawser - 21 February 2023
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EDGE Launches 11 New Breakthrough Autonomous and Unmanned Solutions at IDEX 2023

EDGE launches 11 autonomous solutions across air, land, and maritime at IDEX 2023.

- 20 February 2023
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Rafael expands its footprint with new UAE office

Rafael consolidates ties with the UAE defence market with new office opening.

Anita Hawser - 20 February 2023
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Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Rheinmetall sign Letter of Intent

Second F-35 fuselage integrated assembly line to be established in Germany

- 17 February 2023
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Schiebel and Thales to provide a new “eye in the sky” for the Royal Navy

Royal Navy to team crewed and uncrewed air platforms for persistent surveillance.

Anita Hawser - 10 February 2023
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EDGE to Showcase Large Portfolio of Advanced Technology and Defence Solutions at IDEX 2023

Autonomy and smart weapons, including loitering munitions and swarming UAVs at IDEX 2023.

- 08 February 2023
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Ukraine signs contract with Thales for new air defence system

Ground Master 200 radar from Thales will help Ukraine detect enemy drones and missiles.

Anita Hawser - 01 February 2023
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How Iran is using lethal drones to extend its power and influence      

How Iran is becoming an alternate supplier of lethal drones to Russia, and other countries.

By Arie Egozi - 27 January 2023
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Lockheed Martin and Rafael to co-operate on High Energy Laser Weapon System

Lockheed and Rafael to develop a variant of Israel’s Iron Beam system for the US market.

Anita Hawser - 05 December 2022
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Turkey turns its attention to 'kamikaze drones' with a number of companies launching new systems

Turkey sets out its stall with an array of kamikaze drones on show at recent expos.

Tayfun Ozberk - 13 November 2022
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How Microsoft is helping Ukraine in the digital war with Russia

Microsoft's president reveals how it is helping Ukraine fight a digital war against Russia.

Anita Hawser - 03 November 2022
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Embraer meets offset requirements by inking MoUs with South Korean aerospace companies

Embraer inks MoUs ahead of competing for S.Korea's Large Transport Aircraft programme.

- 27 October 2022
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Anti-Submarine Warfare using Unmanned Systems

Ultra Maritime and UMS SKELDAR explore an ASW sonobuoy dispensing capability.

- 19 October 2022
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Protector Achieves Major Milestone Ahead of First Delivery Next Year

The UK MOD accepts the first Protector Mk1 RPAS "off contract."

Anita Hawser - 07 October 2022
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Does 3D printing hold the answers to platform availability and part obsolescence?

UK Armed Forces turn to 3D printing to resolve issues impacting platform availability.

Anita Hawser - 21 September 2022
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Morocco: Latest Arab market to show interest in Israeli weapon systems

Morocco buys advanced weapon systems from Israel, including UAVs for intelligence gathering.

By ARIE EGOZI - 02 September 2022
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The C-390 Millennium multi-mission aircraft at Air Power Austria

Embraer's C-390 Millennium multi-mission aircraft makes its debut at Air Power in Austria.

Anita Hawser - 01 September 2022
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Successful Meteor Live Firing with Gripen E

The first live firing of the advanced Meteor Air-to-Air Missile on the Gripen E.

- 31 August 2022
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Lifting of gagging order sparks new interest in Israeli armed UAVs

Lifting of gagging order sparks international interest in Israeli armed UAVs.

By ARIE EGOZI - 04 August 2022
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Ukraine war attracts new customers for Israeli Special Mission Aircraft and radar systems

European buyers eye Israeli advanced radar systems following war in Ukraine.

Arie Egozi - 03 August 2022
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Embraer and BAE Systems ink two new MoUs at Farnborough Air Show

Embraer and BAE Systems to collaborate on delivering the C-390 to Middle East customers.

Anita Hawser - 19 July 2022
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QinetiQ to deploy Banshee Air Vehicles on board HMS Prince of Wales as next steps of project Vampire

HMS Prince of Wales to carry Banshee Jet80+ air vehicles on first US east coast deployment.

Anita Hawser - 19 July 2022
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New cloud-based simulation capability for UK MoD leverages Web 3.0 for collective training.

- 15 July 2022
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Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER® S-100-Icelandic Coast Guard

Schiebel CAMCOPTER® S-100 to expand situational awareness for Icelandic Coast Guard.

SCHIEBEL CAMCOPTER® S-100 - 07 July 2022
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New command and control system for RAF bases to protect UK skies

New command and control system for RAF bases to provide early detection of hostile aircraft.

- 22 June 2022
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Eurosatory preview: Rheinmetall

A new large-calibre fighting vehicle from Rheinmetall to make its world premiere at Eurosatory.

- 03 June 2022
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OCCAR awards contracts worth €90 million for Spanish Tiger MKIII survivability upgrade

Spanish Army's Tiger MKIII helicopters to be fitted with new electronic warfare systems for increased survivability.

- 02 June 2022
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Royal Australian Navy to acquire CAMCOPTER S-100 in single source deal

Australia skips open tender and goes for single-source procurement of CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS.

- 05 May 2022
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Collins Aerospace awarded second low-rate production order for TCTS II Air Combat Training System

US Navy places second initial rate production order with Collins Aerospace for TCTS II.

- 03 May 2022
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New Drone Countermeasure Capability for France

France's new drone countermeasure capability will target threats posed by micro- and mini-drones.

- 29 April 2022
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Boeing reveals first T-7A Red Hawk advanced trainer test aircraft

It's finally here! Boeing unveils the first T-7A Red Hawk advanced trainer test aircraft at its facilities in Missouri.

- 29 April 2022
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TEKEVER launches the NEW AR3, with Hot-Swappable VTOL and integrated SAR

The “operationally flexible” AR3 is a two-in-one maritime UAS, which combines both VTOL and catapult launch.

Anita Hawser - 28 April 2022
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Iron Beam laser interceptor completes 'ground-breaking' live tests

Israel's High-Power Laser Air Defence System "Iron Beam" successfully completes series of live tests.

- 14 April 2022
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The First Serial Production Gripen E Fighters arrive in Brazil

Brazilian Air Force takes delivery of first serial production Gripen E fighters to increase deterrence capabilities.

- 07 April 2022
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NATO embarks on overhaul of Airborne Warning and Control System

Trans-Atlantic team to develop technical concept for NATO’s Future Surveillance and Control capabilities.

- 01 April 2022
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Elbit Systems to deliver swarm UAS capability to UK MoD

British Army to use autonomous drone swarms from Elbit Systems for surveillance.

- 30 March 2022
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CES Establishes APAC HQ in Singapore

CES Advanced Composites & Defence Technologies Inc. Establishes APAC HQ in Singapore.

CES Advanced Composites & Defence Technologies Inc - 29 March 2022
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More forces for NATO's eastern flank

New battlegroups for NATO's eastern flank, but more dramatic aid is needed, say experts, to keep Ukraine alive.

Anita Hawser - 23 March 2022
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Turkish TB-2 Drones Prove Their Efficiency Against Russia

More export orders expected following success of Turkey's Bayraktar TB-2 drone in Russia-Ukraine War.

Tayfun Ozberk - 11 March 2022
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France and Spain launch Tiger MkIII programme

France and Spain sign up for latest iteration of Airbus' Tiger MkIII attack helicopter.

- 04 March 2022
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Europe's first locally developed MALE RPAS, Eurodrone, lands

Contract signed to build 20 Eurodrones – Europe's first locally designed MALE RPAS.

- 04 March 2022
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NATO to deploy high-readiness NATO Response Force

Historic moment as NATO Response Force activated for first time in a deterrence role.

Anita Hawser - 26 February 2022
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EDGE unveils swarming drones at UMEX 2022

EDGE's swarming drones, unveiled at UMEX 2022, are based on the Hunter 2 UAV developed by HALCON.

- 21 February 2022
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Elbit Systems showcases Hybrid Propulsion Small Tactical UAS at Singapore Airshow 2022

Skylark Hybrid Tactical UAS, which features a combustion and electric engine, unveiled at Singapore Airshow.

- 14 February 2022
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EDGE Group to showcase unmanned and precision-guided systems at UMEX

EDGE Group to showcase the REACH-S UCAV, and NIMR’s AJBAN armed robotic vehicle at UMEX 2022.

- 08 February 2022
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HORIBA MIRA leads £3m contract for an end-to-end autonomous resupply system

Autonomous ground and air resupply solution to de-risk frontline resupply for British soldiers.

- 28 January 2022
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Spain to equip Eurofighter with predictive maintenance capabilities

Using AI, Spain's Eurofighter will be able to self-diagnose the status of around 20 critical avionics systems.

- 13 January 2022
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Rafael completes development and successful live test of third-generation RecceLite XR reconnaissance system.

- 12 January 2022
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Saab to Deliver Upgrade for Hungarian Gripen Fleet

Hungarian Air Force get Gripen upgrade, and Lithuania joins Carl-Gustaf framework agreement.

- 12 January 2022
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Saudi Arabia and India forge closer defence and security ties

Saudi Arabia and India to jointly develop autonomous solutions for defence, aerospace and security.

- 10 January 2022
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France signs contract with Airbus for 'Guépard' Light Joint Helicopter

France orders the H160M for its Joint Light Helicopter programme. First deliveries expected in 2027.

- 23 December 2021
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Airbus and OneWeb expand their partnership to support multi-domain cloud applications

Airbus and OneWeb to offer new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) multi-domain satellite comms to Europe and UK forces.

- 14 December 2021
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"Airport-to-Go" containerised solution chosen by German Army for remote missions

German Army choose Indra’s air traffic system for international and NATO missions.

- 13 December 2021
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Indonesian Ministry of Defence orders two Airbus A400Ms

New airlift aircraft for Indonesia to be delivered in multirole tanker and transport configuration.

Anita Hawser - 18 November 2021
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Spanish Ministry of Defence signs order for three Airbus A330 MRTT

Span orders new Airbus transport aircraft to support overseas and medevac missions.

- 12 November 2021
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New Transport Aircraft For Hungarian Defence Forces.

Hungary's KC-390 will be the first transport aircraft with the Intensive Care Unit in its configuration.

- 11 November 2021
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Using EW to detect and disrupt multiple threats

IAI launches EW system, which uses AESA to target multiple complex threats simultaneously.

- 11 November 2021
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Streamlight’s Hottest Flashlights for Tactical Applications

SPONSORED CONTENT: The Hottest Flashlights for Tactical Applications

Streamlight® Inc. - 02 November 2021
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UK and US Extend Co-operation On Electronic Surveillance Aircraft

UK RC-135W Rivet Joint aircraft used against Daesh to benefit from extended support by US DoD.

- 27 October 2021
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ADEX Highlights ROK Unmanned Systems Ambitions

Republic of Korea showcases ambition to become a world leader in unmanned air systems at ADEX 2021.

Atul Chandra - 21 October 2021
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Australian General Defends Controversial AUKUS Pact

AUKUS is not a new defence pact or ASEAN Nato, but a commitment to collaborate on a broad range of technologies.

Anita Hawser - 20 October 2021
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Securing mission-critical 4G/5G mobile communications

Thales and Streamwide to boost the security of mission-critical 4G/5G mobile communications.

- 19 October 2021
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Thales unveils the Ground Observer 20 Multi-Mission radar

New radar from Thales detects both ground and airborne threats, including micro-UAVs.

- 07 October 2021
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360 Vision Technology launches new Predator SkyView360 drone detection solution

The Predator SkyView360 camera uses SkyAI, to autonomously detect and track any drone.

- 06 October 2021
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Elbit Systems US Awarded $76 Million Contract to Supply Head Mounted Display Systems for US Apache

Contract awarded for new Helmet Mounted Display for US Army AH-64 Apache Helicopter pilots.

- 06 October 2021
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Meteksan Defence at IDEF 2021

A fibre laser for helicopter obstacle detection and 'constant gazing eyes' for UAVs at IDEF 2021.

- 16 August 2021
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Collins Aerospace Selects AdaCore’s QGen Code Generator

Collins Aerospace Selects AdaCore’s QGen Code Generator to Streamline Model-Based Development

AdaCore - 23 July 2021
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New contract for Anglo-French Innovation Missile Technology Partnership

France and UK technology partnership awards new contract for future missile technology development.

- 21 July 2021
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Draken Europe and Collins Aerospace Collaborate on Next Generation Air Combat Training Systems

JSAS training system to be used with Draken’s Falcon 20 fleet to support operational readiness training.

- 13 July 2021
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Israel's New Defence Against Drones

Israel claims to have successfully shot down several UAVs using a high-powered laser weapon.

Anita Hawser - 23 June 2021
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Marine Corps to Deploy Suicide Drones on Vehicles

Organic Precision Fires system for the USMC will see swarming drones mounted on vehicles.

- 18 June 2021
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Pentagon ramps up spending on systems for new Space Force

US DoD asks for $16.7 billion for space craft, launch vehicles and command and control systems for Space Force.

Anita Hawser - 11 June 2021
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Norway and Netherlands Military Co-operation

Norway and Netherlands pursue common radar platform in first government-to-government contract.

Anita Hawser - 25 May 2021
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German Air Force Tornado

Saab receives order to upgrade radar warning equipment on German Air Force Tornadoes.

- 25 May 2021
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German Eurofighter Typhoons: Electronic Warfare System

Praetorian DASS electronic warfare system selected for Germany's new fleet of Eurofighter Typhoons.

- 29 April 2021
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Force Protection Against C-RAM Attacks for Germany's Armed Forces

German Armed Forces receive early warning system to protect against rocket, artillery and mortar attacks.

- 22 April 2021
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Schiebel Camcopter S-100 performs maritime surveillance for EMSA in Estonia.

Schiebel - 21 April 2021
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Helicopter Aerial Refuelling

Mission accomplished as Airbus A400M tanker successfully refuels two helicopters in mid-air.

Anita Hawser - 19 April 2021
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South Korea's New Fighter Jet: the KF-21 Boramae

South Korea unveils the country's first indigenous combat aircraft, the KF21 Boramae.

Atul Chandra - 09 April 2021
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Germany's Future Air Defence System

Rheinmetall, Diehl and Hensoldt submit tender for Germany's short-range air defence system.

- 30 March 2021
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Mobile C-UAS Solution Brings A New Capability to the Battlefield

New mobile C-UAS solution combines an unmanned ground vehicle with a C-UAS payload.

- 18 March 2021
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Elbit Systems and Korea Aerospace Extend Co-operation

Israel and Korean companies extend co-operation on unmanned air systems for defence ISR.

- 15 March 2021
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New Airborne Reconnaissance Pod From Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace sees strong opportunities in Europe for new intelligence and reconnaissance pods.

- 10 March 2021
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HALCON Unveils UAE’s First Air Defence Missile

First UAE-designed missile system and MoU with Lockheed Martin announced on sidelines of IDEX 2021.

- 23 February 2021
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EU to develop its own Detect and Avoid System for large military Remotely Piloted Air Systems.

- 22 February 2021
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New Laser Weapon for Al Jasoor's Rabdan

Rabdan's 8x8 IFV gets a High Energy Laser Weapon from Raytheon to defend against UAVs.

- 18 February 2021
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EDGE Group and Ukrainian Defence Companies Sign Tri-Party Defence Agreement

Strategic co-operation between EDGE Group and Ukrainian companies could result in $1 billion of investments.

- 15 February 2021
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Doubt Cast Over Israeli Companies Attendance at IDEX 2021

Israeli companies' debut at IDEX and NAVDEX 2021 is in doubt after officials fail to approve delegation's flights.

Arie Egozi - 15 February 2021
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Thales and Airbus to upgrade France's joint electronic warfare capabilities

New French SIGINT system to equip support vehicles, maritime patrol aircraft and air bases overseas.

- 11 February 2021
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Enhancing Training Realism for the USAF

UK and US companies to build realistic autonomous targets for US Air Force training.

- 10 February 2021
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SPEAR Mini-Cruise Missile Gets Greenlight

MBDA's SPEAR mini-cruise missile secures contract from UK Ministry of Defence.

- 07 January 2021
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UAE's EDGE Group Ranked Among The Top 25 Military Companies in the World

EDGE Group is the first Middle-East company to feature in SIPRI's world's largest arms producers ranking.

- 15 December 2020
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French Navy Buys Additional Schiebel UAS for Mistral-class Carriers

The French Navy orders two more tactial CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS for Mistral-class carriers.

- 15 December 2020
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Ministry of Defence Enhancing Live-Stream Tech For Military Operations

Image and video exploitation formats used by streaming platforms like Netflix could be used in military operations.

- 27 November 2020
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Green Light for FCMS, Thales and Indra to start designing FCAS Sensors

Consortium starts work on sensor suite for sixth-generation combat aircraft's Next Generation Weapon System.

Anita Hawser - 23 November 2020
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Airbus signs contract for 38 Eurofighters with Germany

Germany buys 38 Eurofighters, making it the largest ordering nation for the combat aircraft.

- 16 November 2020
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Lockheed Martin and King Abdulaziz University Sign Master Research Agreement”

Lockheed Martin and Saudi Arabia's Kingabdulaziz University promote joint R&D venture.

- 16 November 2020
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Lock On Rocket Launcher for Helicopter Crews

Thales and Rheinmetall unveil latest-generation digital 70 mm rocket launcher for helicopters.

- 02 November 2020
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The Ecuadorian Air Force takes delivery of their first two H145s

Ecuadorian Air Force welcomes new advanced helicopter technology for missions.

- 29 October 2020
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Brazil Officially Takes Delivery of the F-39E Gripen

Dignitaries from the Brazilian government and defence officially welcome the F-39E Gripen.

- 26 October 2020
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New Air Defence System from MBDA

After two years of development, MBDA commercially launches its next generation air defence system.

- 20 October 2020
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Schiebel Pacific gears up for major land and sea tactical UAS programmes

Schiebel Pacific ramps up operations as Australia's land and sea tactical UAS programmes enter next phase.

- 15 October 2020
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France signs contract for upgraded NH90 TTH for Special Forces

Upgraded NH90 tactical helicopter for French Special Forces will increase poor visibility capabilities.

- 12 October 2020
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Iron Dome Missile Defense System For US

A year after deal was struck, US Army receives first Iron Dome battery from Israel.

- 30 September 2020
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Czech Republic chooses Rafael's SPYDER air defence system to defend against aerial threats.

- 28 September 2020
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Hands-Free Right Angle Military Light Features 185º Tilting Head, Red Slide Filter.

Streamlight Inc. - 18 September 2020
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Multi-rotor UAS for Southeast Asian Army

THOR VTOL Completes Environmental Qualification Tests Ahead of Delivery of 1,000 Units.

- 19 August 2020
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Counter-UAV At Your Fingertips

SMART SHOOTER small arms fire control solution will be tested in NATO counter-UAV exercise.

- 19 August 2020
Read >>

Eye Watering Speed: Hypersonic Weapon Systems

US Air Force tests air-launched hypersonic missile at Edwards Air Force Base.

Anita Hawser - 13 August 2020
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The French Navy's Future Drone

First "free flight" for Airbus unmanned helicopter major step leading up to sea trials in 2021.

- 30 July 2020
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LAND129 Phase 3 Tactical Unmanned Aerial System Competition Heats Up

Schiebel and Raytheon join forces for the Australian Army's new tactical UAS project.

- 30 July 2020
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QinetiQ Conducts Manned/Unmanned Teaming Demonstration

Teaming of helicopter and drone shows control can be passed between different operators.

- 23 July 2020
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Royal Air Force Future Command and Control

Royal Air Force to share tactical view to connected air, ground and maritime units with Collins Aerospace data link.

- 02 June 2020
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Counter UAV For EU Police

EU Police Forces select DroneShield's long-range drone countermeasure.

- 21 May 2020
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Stand-off Capabilities for Leonardo's M-346FA Jet Trainer

Fifth-gen ISR and targeting pods from Israel's Rafael to be integrated onto Leonardo's advanced jet trainer.

- 06 May 2020
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Covid-19 Has Tested The Military Like Never Before

Army engineers design mobile pop-up test sites for Covid-19, as military confronts logistics challenge.

Anita Hawser - 26 April 2020
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Coronavirus Strikes French Naval Vessel

More than 600 COVID-19 positive cases reported on board French aircraft carrier.

Anita Hawser - 16 April 2020
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New Temporary Hospital To Treat Coronavirus Patients

Military to provide support to temporary hospital with 4,000 beds for coronavirus patients.

- 24 March 2020
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Schiebel enhances production capabilities with investment in metal 3D-printing.

SCHIEBEL - 11 March 2020
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Saab and Canadian aerospace companies offer the Gripen E for Canada's Future Fighter.

- 07 March 2020
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Anti-ship Missile Milestone

Anti-ship missiles for French and British Navies notches up another significant milestone.

- 07 March 2020
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Aerobility-RAF Air Cadets

Former Ministry of Defence gliders to be used by charity to change lives of ex-military.

Aerobility - 05 March 2020
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Schiebel's CAMCOPTER® S-100 impresses at Sulphur Sniffer Capability Test.

SCHIEBEL CAMCOPTER® S-100 - 02 March 2020
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Turkey becomes first country to deploy machine-gun drone

Turkish Armed Forces take delivery of country's first drone armed with a machine gun.

- 21 February 2020
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New 100% European Made Turboprop Engine To Take Flight

New turboprop engine, GE Catalyst, will provide more power and optimised performance for UAV missions.

- 20 February 2020
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Europe's Future Combat Air System Enters Important Phase

French and German governments announce important demonstrator phase for the Future Combat Air System.

- 13 February 2020
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RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems at Singapore Air Show

RAFAEL unveils a new EO/IR sensor integrated onto an Aeronautics UAV at the Singapore Air Show.

- 10 February 2020
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Singapore Air Show: ST Engineering

ST Engineering showcases the Hunter AFV at the Singapore Air Show.

- 09 February 2020
Read >>

Air-to-Air Combat Training

RAF F-35B aircraft cross the Atlantic for the US Air Force's air-to-air combat training exercise, Red Flag.

- 23 January 2020
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Battle of the Rotors For German Heavy Lift Helicopter Programme

Sikorsky CH-53K helicopter put forward for German Bundeswehr heavy-lift transport programme.

- 17 January 2020
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Iran Responds To Killing of Revered Commander by US

US military bases in Iraq attacked as Iran retaliates for drone strike on General Soleimani.

Anita Hawser - 08 January 2020
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US Army's Gray Eagle UAS To Be Modernized

GA-ASI to upgrade Grey Eagle ER UAS for multi-domain operations.

- 18 December 2019
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Contract Extension for Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace ensures readiness for the US Air Force's JSTARS aircraft training system.

- 05 December 2019
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New Electronic Protection System for European Combat Aircraft

Electronic protection system to ensure air superiority against hostile attacks.

- 28 November 2019
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Rotary wing UAS Milestone

French Navy fully operates a rotary-wing UAS connected to a ship's combat system.

- 27 November 2019
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Boeing and Embraer Partnership for Military Airlift

Boeing and Embraer form joint venture to promote new multi-mission air transport.

- 18 November 2019
Read >>

SPIKE missile for German Army

The German Army signs a multi-year framework agreement for SPIKE missiles and launchers.

- 18 November 2019
Read >>

Border Patrol and Maritime Surveillance

Royal Australian Air Force to deploy Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft earlier.

- 12 November 2019
Read >>

Eighteen Bids Funded by Countering Drones Competition

UK to invest £2 million in counter-UAS technologies, but US still the biggest spender.

- 08 November 2019
Read >>

Jammer Pod for Fighter Aircraft

Saab unveils new electronic attack pod capability for self protection of aircraft.

- 08 November 2019
Read >>

Cybersecurity Operations As A Service

ST Engineering strengthens cybersecurity for Myanmar government.

- 01 October 2019
Read >>

Streamlight PolyTac® X USB

The PolyTac X is a 600-lumen tactical light that comes in two versions

Versatile tactical light - 30 September 2019
Read >>

MBDA showcases future missile concepts alongside Team Tempest

Team Tempest and future missile concepts for the next generation of combat aircraft

Jack Richardson - 15 September 2019
Read >>

Counter-Drone Capability for RAF Bases

Leonardo to work with RAF to evaluate technologies for a future counter-UAS system.

- 11 September 2019
Read >>

Rafael Acquires Aeronautics

Aeronautics acquisition sees Rafael enter unmanned air systems domain.

- 03 September 2019
Read >>

Integration Training for B-2 Bombers and UK F-35B aircraft

A rare sight in the sky, US B2 Bombers flying alongside the UK's F-35B fighter jets.

- 01 September 2019
Read >>

Embraer's KC-390 airlifter for Portugal

Portugal set to acquire five of Embraer's military transport aircraft for a wide range of missions.

- 28 August 2019
Read >>

Mixed-reality training for EO/IR sensor operators

US Air Force EO/IR sensor operators see real-world and simulated views.

- 15 August 2019
Read >>

UAS Will Monitor Vast Swathes of Sea

Hermes 900 Maritime Patrol UAS wins EU contract for littoral and blue water operations.

- 18 June 2019
Read >>

Turkey Showcases Domestic Aerospace Capabilities

Turkey's fighter jet, the TX-1, makes its first public appearance at Le Bourget in Paris.

- 17 June 2019
Read >>

Latest Addition to Falco RPAS family unveiled at Paris Air Show

The Falco Explorer RPAS from Leonardo is aimed at both the civilian and military market.

- 17 June 2019
Read >>

Breaking The Cost Barrier of Unmanned Systems

Kratos demonstrates its low-cost, runway independent UAV for US Air Force.

- 17 June 2019
Read >>

General Atomics Selects Belgian Companies for MQ-9B SkyGuardian

Companies selected to support MQ-9B SkyGuardian's development.

- 15 June 2019
Read >>

Affordable And Pilot Friendly

Cost-effective maritime patrol aircraft to help countries protect borders on show in Paris.

- 14 June 2019
Read >>

Leonardo Unveils New Unmanned System at Paris Air Show

Leonardo to unveil latest addition to the Falco tactical drone family at the Paris Air Show.

- 14 June 2019
Read >>

Thales to unveil new avionics suite at Paris Air Show and combat system that eliminates the 'fog of war.

- 07 June 2019
Read >>

Collins Aerospace and DroneShield Collaborate

Counter-drone capabilities to be added to Collins Aerospace surveillance systems in Australian market.

- 06 June 2019
Read >>

US Army Short Range Surveillance Drones

Six companies awarded $11 million to develop prototypes for a short range surveillance drone for the US Army.

- 31 May 2019
Read >>

New Maritime ISTAR UAV platform for Canadian Navy

QinetiQ secures largest ever Canadian contract to supply ISTAR UAS to Navy.

- 07 May 2019
Read >>

Chinese Unmanned Combat Helicopters on show at IDEF

Chinese UAV company launches latest unmanned combat helicopter at IDEF in Turkey.

- 27 April 2019
Read >>

Curtiss Wright Chosen To Supply Systems for Aerial Refuelling Drone

Data technology systems chosen for US Navy's MQ-25 unmanned carrier refuelling tanker.

- 27 April 2019
Read >>

Collins Aerospace: Blended Training is here

LVC air combat training solution showcased to US Navy and Air Force by Collins Aerospace.

- 18 April 2019
Read >>

MBDA and ALPhANOV Laser Weapon Lab Launched

Laser test facility in Bordeaux can simulate real-life laser firings against different targets.

- 14 April 2019
Read >>

Brimstone 3 Missile Put Through Its Paces

MBDA's Brimstone 3 multi-platform missile is put through its paces in Swedish test firing.

- 21 March 2019
Read >>

New Multi-Mission Radar for Netherlands Army

New radar system, developed by Thales and the Dutch Army, sees and records everything in real time.

- 14 February 2019
Read >>

Super Tocano for Nigerian Air Force

The Nigerian Air Force orders 12 Super Tocano light attack aircraft from Brazil's Embraer and SNC.

- 08 February 2019
Read >>

MBDA Awarded Brimstone Contract for Predator RPAS

Brimstone strike missile to be integrated on the RAF's new RPAS, the Protector RG Mk 1.

- 31 January 2019
Read >>


New ComTac Tactical headset from 3M PELTOR enables face-to-face communication in noisy environments.

3M PELTOR - 16 January 2019
Read >>

Camcopter Participates in Australian Exercise

Two new payloads integrated onto the Schiebel Camcopter S-100.

- 21 December 2018
Read >>

Polish Armed Forces Take Delivery of UAS

WB Group's hand-launched FLYEYE mini UAS for Polish Armed Forces.

- 21 December 2018
Read >>

Real-World Training For Fast Jet Pilots

Simulating the effects of hypoxia in training for Spanish Air Force fighter jet pilots.

- 07 December 2018
Read >>

Maritime Surveillance Contracts for Rotary-Wing UAVs

Schiebel and UMS SKELDAR win major maritime surveillance contracts.

- 02 December 2018
Read >>

Networked Synthetic Training

Thales launches new networked synthetic training solution for dispersed teams.

- 28 November 2018
Read >>

Mixed Reality Training for JTAC

Portable, realistic and immersive training solutions for JTACs at I/ITSEC.

- 28 November 2018
Read >>

New Griffin-2 Dome from Rockwell Collins

Upgraded Rockwell Collins' visual dome for military fast jet training at I/ITSEC.

- 28 November 2018
Read >>

RPAS at Airshow China 2018

China and Israel develop systems for operating multiple RPAS simultaneously.

Anita Hawser and Arie Egozi - 07 November 2018
Read >>

Rafael To Test Sixth-Gen Missile Soon

Longer-range sixth-generation missile in the works for Rafael.

By Arie Egozi from Israel - 31 October 2018
Read >>

Israeli Countermeasures System Will Protect VIP Aircraft Against Missiles

Poland's MoD to buy Elbit Systems' countermeasures solution.

By Arie Egozi from Israel - 29 October 2018
Read >>

What Do Today's Jihadists Have In Common With Famous Guerrilla Fighters Of The Past?

Guerilla Warfare: Kings of Revolution, the military strategy of guerrilla fighters from the 13th century to modern times.

Anita Hawser - 28 October 2018
Read >>

Gliding Bomb Enables IAF To Perform Stand-off Attacks to Counter Russian Missiles in Syria

Rafael's Spice 250 gliding bomb allows the Israeli Air Force to launch attacks from a range of 100 km.

Arie Egozi from Israel - 14 October 2018
Read >>

DroneShield To Demonstrate Drone Detect and Defeat Solution to Special Ops Forces

Counter-UAV company DroneShield invited to take part in NATO's Night Hawk Special Ops exercise in Denmark.

- 19 September 2018
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Belgian Navy Completes Trials of Schiebel's Rotary-Wing UAS

Belgian Navy trials Schiebel's Camcopter S-100 for Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and SAR.

- 06 July 2018
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A UAV With A Sting In Its Tail

At Eurosatory in Paris, Asian companies showcased weaponised rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles.

Jack Richardson - 15 June 2018
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Situational Awareness At Any Time Of Day

Night-vision specialists Photonis demonstrate vision solutions for any time of day at Eurosatory 2018.

Jack Richardson - 12 June 2018
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Private Cloud For Armed Forces

Thales to offer armed forces operating in constrained environments a private cloud infrastructure.

- 07 June 2018
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Artificial intelligence and electronic warfare

Significant operational advantage can be achieved in EW by applying machine learning, says MASS.

- 03 June 2018
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Small Target Detection for Camcopter

Oceanwatch's payload extends the patrol coverage area of the Schiebel Camcopter S-100.

- 02 May 2018
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Defence Mission System Companies to Collaborate on Mission Systems for Europe's MALE RPAS

Co-operation on mission systems will reduce risks for Europe's MALE drone programme, say companies.

- 25 April 2018
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The CH-35K Sikorsky for German Air Force Heavy Lift Operations

Sikorsky and Rheinmetall put the CH-35K heavy lift helicopter forward for German Air Force programme.

- 20 April 2018
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New software-defined airborne radio from Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz software defined radio available for the first time in Boeing H-47 Chinook helicopters.

- 20 April 2018
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Senegal Buys Ground Master radar from Thales

Senegal will use Ground Master, the three-dimensional surveillance radar system from Thales to protect its airspace.

- 20 April 2018
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THIELMANN WEW: Exceeding expectations

The last 18 months have been a period of major change for German tank container system provider, WEW Container Systems.

THIELMANN WEW - 28 March 2018
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Artificial Intelligence For Combat Aviation

Dassault and Thales to co-operate on AI-driven "cognitive air system" for more autonomous functions in combat aviation.

- 19 March 2018
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BISim Raises Fidelity Stakes Using AI and High-Fidelity Urban Environments

Bohemia Interactive Simulations models civilian behaviours to help security forces train for counter-terrorism missions.

- 11 March 2018
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Thales Test Fires Rockets On Airbus Helicopters

Airbus helicopters' mission capabilities enhanced by laser-guided rocket system from Thales.

- 05 March 2018
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CAMCOPTER Selected To Fulfill International Contract

Austrian firm Schiebel's rotary-wing unmanned air system has been selected by MDA for sea and land-based ISR.

- 01 March 2018
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Turkey Awards Contract to Eurosam

Eurosam consortium to develop a future Long-Range Air and Missile Defence System for Turkey.

- 07 January 2018
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Navies Seek to Tackle the Threat Posed by Small Unmanned Aircraft

The Royal Canadian Navy gets to grips with the threat posed by small unmanned aerial vehicles using multi-rotor targets.

- 01 December 2017
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Securing Goods in Transit

An often overlooked security threat is the theft of goods in transit, which could see valuable cargo fall into the wrong hands.

- 01 December 2017
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Maintenance On Demand

An acoustic emission sensor network could drastically cut Army vehicle lifecycle costs.

US Army Research Laboratory Public Affairs - 30 November 2017
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High-Fidelity Training

Rockwell Collins' rear-projected dome and helmet-mounted displays chosen by US Army and ADF.

- 28 November 2017
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Collaborative UAV Missions

Multi-platform ground control station for collaborative UAV missions launched at Milipol 2017 in Paris.

- 23 November 2017
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Mobile Sensors For Coastal And Port Security

An all robotic solution with mobile sensors for port and coastal surveillance is unveiled at Milipol Paris.

- 21 November 2017
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Leonardo Sells Surveillance UAVs To Middle East

Leonardo is seeing increased interest in its "drones-as-a-service" offering and rotary-wing UAV platforms.

- 15 November 2017
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On-demand Maritime and Ground Surveillance

Thales and PAL Aerospace join forces to provide an on-demand air platform for maritime and ground surveillance.

- 10 November 2017
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Saudi Arabian Military Industries Announces Board of Directors

Former Rheinmetall head to help Saudi Arabian Military Industries become top 25 global defence company.

- 31 October 2017
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Using UAVs to Assess Hazardous Materials

BMT to build prototype for assessing hazardous materials using unmanned aerial vehicles.

- 13 October 2017
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Thales to Introduce AI Into Applications for Armed Forces

New centre for research in Artificial Intelligence to aid decision-makers on the battlefield.

- 11 October 2017
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Unmanned Surface Vehicle Targets

Royal Canadian Navy orders 40 Hammerhead USV targets and payloads from QinetiQ Target Systems.

- 11 September 2017
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Through Life Asset Management

A centralised solution for managing and tracking deployed defence assets more efficiently.

- 11 September 2017
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AUDS Counter-UAV System Enhanced for Vehicle Deployment

AUDS has been enhanced for deployment on vehicles and to counter drone swarm attacks.

- 08 September 2017
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Shoot To Disable

DARPA looks to develop a layered defence system to counter small unmanned air systems.

Anita Hawser - 29 August 2017
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at the Paris Air Show

Airbus's VSR700 rotary-wing tactical UAV makes its Paris Air Show debut.

- 22 June 2017
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Thales Unveils Ground Fire at Le Bourget

Thales's multi-function Ground Fire radar can be used for air defence and surveillance missions.

- 19 June 2017
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New Glider Weapon Launched By MBDA at Paris Air Show

MBDA's SmartGlider can engage a wide range of targets at a safe distance of more than 100 km.

- 19 June 2017
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Canada To Boost Defence Spending By More than 70%

Cyber, air attack and intelligence among areas to benefit from new Canadian defence policy.

Anita Hawser - 11 June 2017
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GUARDION Is Designed to Defend and Protect Against Unauthorised UAVs

New, integrated drone defence solution from Rohde & Schwarz, ESG and Diehl Defence.

- 24 May 2017
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Schiebel's Camcopter S-100 Norwegian Flight Trials

Schiebel Camcopter S-100 completes successful flight trials for Norwegian forces.

SCHIEBEL - 23 May 2017
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Trump to Announce Major Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

Arms deal could be worth up to $350bn over 10 years – one of the largest in history.

Mythili Sampathkumar Independent - New York - 22 May 2017
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Virtual and Mixed Reality Training Systems On Show

Demos of the latest VR and mixed reality training systems at ITEC 2017 in Rotterdam.

Anita Hawser - 13 May 2017
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Robot Teaming For Mine Clearance

France's ECA Group teams a UAV and an unmanned ground vehicle for stand-off mine clearance.

- 13 May 2017
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EUROJET to showcase EJ200 at IDEF-Istanbul

EUROJET showcases the EJ200 engine used for the TFX fighter at IDEF.

EUROJET Turbo GmbH - 05 May 2017
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Rostec tests Ka-52k helicopters in marine conditions

Rostec Ka-52K helicopters complete the first phase of testing in marine conditions.

Rostec - 05 May 2017
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MBDA Next-Generation Air Defence Missiles for British Army and Navy

Sea Ceptor and Land Ceptor will protect the Royal Navy's war ships and enhance ground-based air defence.

- 24 April 2017
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Motion Simulator for UK F-35 pilots

A motion simulator will enable UK F-35 pilots to practise landing on the new QEII Class carriers.

Anita Hawser - 03 April 2017
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China: A New Arms Supplier to the Middle East

China will build armed UAVs in Saudi Arabia, which is looking beyond the west for weapons.

Anita Hawser - 03 April 2017
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Teaming Rotary Wing UAS With Manned Helicopters

Schiebel will use Patria technology to team its Camcopter S-100 with manned helicopters.

- 30 March 2017
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F-35 ASRAAM Firing Trials

The ASRAAM is the first UK-designed missile to be fired from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

- 16 March 2017
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The Stryker Joins The Fight Against UAVs

The US Army has modified its Stryker vehicle to detect and defeat UAVs.

- 09 March 2017
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Kelvin Hughes To Launch New Drone Detection System

SMS-D from Kelvin Hughes, is designed to detect and track UAVs.

- 07 March 2017
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Stemme and S-PLANE Team up to Create Optionally Piloted Vehicle

ECARYS ES15 to be optionally piloted using S-PLANE subsystems.

- 18 February 2017
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A New Generation of Transport Aircraft on show at IDEX 2017

The KC-390 sets new standards in transport aircraft.

- 16 February 2017
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Trump Intervenes In F-35 Pricing

Intervention by President Donald Trump sees price for F-35s reduced.

Anita Hawser - 07 February 2017
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The Australian Navy Will Use The CAMCOPTER S-100 For Enhanced Maritime And Littoral Intelligence

Royal Australian Navy awards contract for CAMCOPTER S-100 rotary-wing UAS.

- 06 February 2017
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MoD's Defence Equipment Plan Comes Up Short

The UK Ministry of Defence needs to find more savings to fund its future Equipment Plan.

- 30 January 2017
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Trump Hones In On F-35 And Submarine Costs

Multi-year procurement could be the answer to Pentagon cost review of F-35 programme.

- 30 January 2017
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The US and UK will optimise use of the P-8A for maritime surveillance

US–UK agreement will strengthen Maritime Patrol Aircraft interoperability.

Anita Hawser - 26 January 2017
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Rheinmetall and Day & Zimmermann

Rheinmetall and Day & Zimmermann join forces to make medium-calibre ammunition for the US market.

Rheinmetall - 09 December 2016
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FLIR Systems Acquires Prox Dynamics

FLIR Systems Acquires Prox Dynamics for $134 million in cash.

FLIR Systems - 30 November 2016
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Rockwell Collins's Mixed-Reality System for Training & Simulation

Rockwell Collins Coalescence merges the real-world view with a synthetic environment.

- 29 November 2016
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Schiebel-CAMCOPTER concludes MOAS 2016 operations

CAMCOPTER S-100 succesfully concludes operations in support of MOAS’ life-saving mission.

Schiebel-PR - 21 November 2016
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Airborne Laser-Based Sensor Can Detect IEDs and Hazmat From Standoff Distance

SpectroDrone uses lasers and high-res cameras to detect explosives, IEDs and hazmat.

- 15 November 2016
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Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announces £4 Billion support

£4 Billion to support Britain's modern forces and their families.

DPI - 08 November 2016
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Iran Unveils Stealth Suicide UAV

Suicide drone delivers a payload of explosives and can fly at low altitudes over the water.

- 28 October 2016
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US Steps Up Acquisition Of Precision Munitions

Contract awarded to fulfill demand for Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System.

- 28 October 2016
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Unmanned Warrior 16

World’s first large scale demonstration of marine robotic systems hosted by the UK.

UK MoD - 17 October 2016
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New Decoy System For RAF Combat Jets

The BriteCloud miniature decoy will protect RAF combat jets from missiles.

DPI - 21 September 2016
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First air defence radars for Latvia

NATO steps up investment in air and missile defence.

DPI - 21 September 2016
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Update: air strikes against Daesh

British forces continue to conduct air operations in the fight against Daesh.

UK-MoD - 15 September 2016
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