Elbit Systems showcases Hybrid Propulsion Small Tactical UAS at Singapore Airshow 2022

Skylark Hybrid Tactical UAS, which features a combustion and electric engine, unveiled at Singapore Airshow.

14 February 2022



Israeli company Elbit Systems will unveil ts Skylark 3 Hybrid Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (STUAS) for the first time at the biennial Singapore Airshow 2022, which runs from the 14 February to the 18 February. 

The Skylark3 Hybrid is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system, both an electric and an internal combustion engine, tripling endurance and offering up to 18 hours of operations, with no change to size or weight. The combustion engine is used to fly to the Area Of Interest (AOI) and then it switches to the electrical engine while operating above the AOI. Elbit Systems says the twin-engine architecture of the new Skylark provides redundancy, greater reliability and safety. 

The Skylark 3 Hybrid is based on the Skylark family of STUAS, which have been ordered by 27 countries, to date. The Skylark 3 Hybrid has a 4.7m wingspan, a maximum takeoff weight of 50kg, service ceiling of 12,000ft and a range of 120km. It features dual payload capacity with a “plug and play” interface for a quick replacement of sensors in the field. 

The Skylark 3 Hybrid is capable of integrating a range of payloads, including high-resolution Electro-Optical gimbaled payload, ELINT, COMINT, laser designators and others. It is deployed and operated by a crew of two, launched via a pneumatic launcher and can be mounted on a vehicle or vessel. Two Skylark 3 Hybrid STUAS can be assigned to the same mission simultaneously managed by a shared ground control station.