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George Washington's Guerrilla Tactics at Trenton

George Washington suffered numerous defeats at the hands of the British. But by using guerrilla tactics, he altered the course of the American Revolution.

By Peter Polack - 07 December 2018
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Getting To Grips With Robots

Biggest British military robotics exercise tests the use of COTs unmanned systems to provide forces with lower-cost tools on the battle field.

By Anita Hawser - 15 November 2018
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William Wallace, the Original Guerrilla Fighter

Guerrilla Warfare: Kings of Revolution, William Wallace was a virtual unknown before he rose up to defeat the British at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

By Peter Polack - 07 November 2018
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A Billion More For Defence, But Is It Enough?

UK Chancellor finds an extra £1 billion for UK defence, but it won't plug the £20 billion hole in the Defence Equipment Plan.

By Anita Hawser - 29 October 2018
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Rafael Extended Range Spike Variant to Compete for German Tiger Programme

Rafael says new Spike missile variant can detect camouflaged targets and defeat armour protection on most Main Battle Tanks.

By - 04 September 2018
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155 mm Self-Propelled Gun-Howitzer "NORA-B52"

The NORA-B52 155mm self-propelled gun-howitzer is designed to provide powerful, sudden and rapid fire against tactically, operatively and strategically significant targets at greater distances.

By Yugoimport-SDPR - 30 August 2018
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The Next Generation of Land Warfare

Countries are exploiting the benefits of Unmanned Ground Vehicles to encompass a wide range of missions (combat, ISR, EOD), and work has even begun on an unmanned main battle tank.

By Giulia Tilenni - 03 June 2018
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UK To Rejoin Boxer Programme After Hiatus

UK MoD announces plan to rejoin Boxer programme and not run competition for UK MIV programme after Australia selects the 8x8 for its Land 400 Phase 2 programme.

By Jack Richardson & Anita Hawser - 06 April 2018
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Rheinmetall's Boxer Successful In Close Competition For Land 400 Second Phase

The selection of Rheinmetall's 8x8 Boxer CRV for the Land 400 Phase 2 Project in Australia and the UK's MIV programme.

By - 15 March 2018
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Loitering Airborne Systems

Loitering munitions provide eyes in the sky for target acquisition as well as lethal firepower. Has their time finally arrived?

By Giulia Tilenni - 05 March 2018
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Houthis' Ballistic Missiles: Triggering a Regional War or Concealed Iranian Tests?

Ballistic missiles fired by Houthis against the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen are believed to come from Iran.

By Riad Kahwaji - 10 February 2018
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Active Protection Systems at International Armoured Vehicles 2018

How safe are Active Protection Systems? Israel's Trophy system is "combat proven," whilst ADS's APS has been benchmarked against a civilian safety standard.

By Anita Hawser - 23 January 2018
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Autonomous Decision-Making

Sorting fiction from reality: How much autonomy should machines be given on the battle field to make decisions without human intervention?

By Anita Hawser - 24 November 2017
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Unmanned Tactical Resupply on the Front Line

Could unmanned all-terrain vehicles, driverless trucks and Hoverbike drones save lives and de-risk the last mile of logistics on the frontline?

By - 15 November 2017
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NATO To Use Cyber Effects in Defensive Operations

NATO steps up rhetoric on the use of cyber with nations' cyber weapon capabilities to be integrated into NATO missions and operations.

By Anita Hawser - 10 November 2017
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Fallon Falls On His Sword — What Does It Mean For UK Defence?

Michael Fallon bows out as Defence Secretary. Can his successor, Gavin Williamson, get to grips with this challenging ministerial portfolio?

By Anita Hawser - 03 November 2017
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Naval and Medical Innovations Dominate At This Year's Show

Unmanned, maritime and medical innovations take centre stage at DSEI 2017 in London.

By Anita Hawser - 11 September 2017
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When Is A Military Exercise Not A Military Exercise?

Russia has used previous military exercises as a cover for invading sovereign territory. So what does it have in store for Zapad 2017?

By Anita Hawser - 30 August 2017
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NIMR Makes Play For Special Operations Vehicle Market

The Rapid Intervention Vehicle is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Arabian desert, but could appeal to European and Asian buyers.

By Anita Hawser - 24 August 2017
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The US Tests Laser Weapons To Counter Drones

The US is ramping up efforts to defeat UAVs and rockets with laser weapons. The latest test saw a laser fired from an Apache helicopter.

By Anita Hawser - 12 July 2017
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All NATO Enhanced Forward Battle Groups in the Baltics Are Now in Place

The biggest build-up of forces for a generation on NATO's eastern flank is complete, but what is their effectiveness?

By Anita Hawser & Ralph Zwilling - 19 June 2017
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Middle East Countries Beef Up Border Security

Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are stepping up their investment in border security to counter the spread of terrorist attacks.

By Anita Hawser - 21 April 2017
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Fighting Talk In Cyberspace

With the recognition of cyberspace as a war fighting domain, Western militaries are talking up their offensive capabilities in cyberspace.

By Anita Hawser - 12 April 2017
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Upgunning The Stryker

The perceived Russian threat has resulted in a lethality upgrade, which will see the Stryker fitted with a 30 mm cannon.

By Ralph Zwilling - 24 March 2017
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Terrorists: What Motivates Them To Act Alone?

Radicalisation does not fully explain why individuals carry out terrorist attacks. A disconnected-disordered profile can be a contributing factor.

By - 17 March 2017
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Ukraine's Latest Weapon In The Fight Against Russian-Backed Rebels

Ukraine's Phantom unmanned multipurpose vehicle will prevent the loss of soldiers' lives on the battlefield.

By Anita Hawser - 28 February 2017
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A Force Multiplier On The Battlefield

Unmanned ground vehicles are undergoing a deep development phase. The most advanced solutions are just a preview of the capabilities to come.

By Giulia Tilenni - 01 February 2017
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General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis, US Defense Secretary

US Defense Secretary, General Mattis, spent his first day on the job overseeing air strikes against ISIL and speaking with NATO's Secretary General.

By Anita Hawser - 26 January 2017
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Rheinmetall's Lynx - Minimising Technical Risk and Cost

Rheinmetall's Lynx IFV hopes to provide a price point that captures the imagination of the export market. Its first potential customer could be Australia.

By Ralph Zwilling - 24 January 2017
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Today’s radar challenge

How the electronic warfare (EW) and electronic intelligence (ELINT) communities are keeping pace with modern threats.

By Rohde & Schwarz - 20 January 2017
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Defence and Security Co-operation With The EU Will Continue

The UK will continue to work with the EU on defence and security matters, says UK PM Theresa May in her first major speech on Brexit.

By Anita Hawser - 17 January 2017
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Made In The UAE

A privately led armoured vehicle sector has enhanced UAE armoured vehicle production.

By Matthew Hedges - 09 January 2017
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The Fallout From Brexit

Immediately following the UK vote to leave the EU, the pound declined in value, which is likely to impact the cost of already announced defence acquisition programmes and support costs for in-service equipment.

By Stuart Young, Peter Antill and Richard Fisher - 03 January 2017
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Playing The Trump Card In US Defence Policy

President-elect Trump made a lot of comments—some controversial—on defence matters during his election campaign

By Nick Watts - 03 January 2017
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Canadian Army Step Up Readiness At Storming Bear

Storming Bear training exercise featured a series of dynamic, live fire training events over diverse terrain.

By - 21 November 2016
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Trump and the Middle East: Challenges to Regaining US Supremacy

Can President-elect Trump bring America back from the low point in Middle East relations achieved under Obama's presidency?

By Riad Kahwaji - 17 November 2016
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M777 - The Lightweight Route To 155 mm Firepower

The M777 howitzer has transformed the dynamics of modern-day artillery.

By Doug Richardson - 14 November 2016
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Soldiers Take Down Drone Using Laser Signal

US soldiers have disabled a commercial off-the-shelf drone using a non-kinetic counter-UAV system.

By Anita Hawser - 04 November 2016
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Upgrades in Lethality and Protection

A resurgent Russia is seeing lethality and protection uprgrades predominate in vehicle upgrade programmes.

By Anita Hawser - 20 September 2016
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Awaiting the Armata T-14 tank

Russia’s next-generation battle tank, the Armata T-14, is causing a stir with its uncrewed 
turret, increased lethality and hard-kill Active Protection System.

By Joseph Dempsey - 16 September 2016
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A Century of Tank Development

The first battle tank was developed 100 years ago. As a mobile, protected weapon platform, the battle tank remains an important component of modern ground forces.

By Richard Ogorkiewicz - 14 September 2016
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Land News

General Dynamics Expands Customer Portfolio in Europe

GDELS expands European footprint following acquisition of FWW.

- 02 December 2018
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Augmented Reality For US Army

US Army places order with Microsoft for Augmented Reality on the battle field.

Anita Hawser - 29 November 2018
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Networked Synthetic Training

Thales launches new networked synthetic training solution for dispersed teams.

- 28 November 2018
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Mixed Reality Training for JTAC

Portable, realistic and immersive training solutions for JTACs at I/ITSEC.

- 28 November 2018
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THIELMANN-Press Release

THIELMANN acquires German bulk containers company.

THIELMANN - 20 November 2018
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BMC to Produce Turkey's Altay MBT

Turkey awards contract for serial production of its new Altay main battle tank.

Kerem Demir - 09 November 2018
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What Do Today's Jihadists Have In Common With Famous Guerrilla Fighters Of The Past?

Guerilla Warfare: Kings of Revolution, the military strategy of guerrilla fighters from the 13th century to modern times.

Anita Hawser - 28 October 2018
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Fifth Generation Land Missile Passes Desert Evaluation

Fifth-generation land missile cleared for operation by French Forces in Africa. Naval version announced at Euronaval in Paris.

- 22 October 2018
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Unmanned Loitering Munitions For US Army

US Army evaluates UVision's Hero-30 loitering munition system for Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile System.

Arie Egozi from Israel - 18 October 2018
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Live Fire Tests of a Rafael VPS on the Bradley IFV

Rafael encouraged by international presence at live fire tests of its VPS on the Bradley IFV.

- 12 October 2018
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Yugoimport's armoured multi-purpose combat vehicle, with 4x4 drive – Milosh

Yugoimport - 10 October 2018
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Declassified Hesco Collaboration

Declassified Hesco Collaboration: Working together to document Military stories

Hesco - 10 October 2018
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New Mil-Spec Vehicle For Law Enforcement

Roshel's mil-spec Senator Armoured Vehicle features high levels of ballistic protection and integrated CBRN.

- 10 October 2018
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Major Step Towards Purchase of Boxer Taken by UK Defence Minister

The UK Defence Minister gives Boxer consortium, Artec, the green light to ramp up the selection of UK-based suppliers.

- 22 September 2018
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Next Generation Capabilities On Display at DVD2018

Unmanned air system with ENFORCER missile from MBDA, part of the technology showcase at DVD2018.

- 22 September 2018
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AJAX Gets New CT40 Turret

New turret for the AJAX armoured vehicle will provide soldiers with unparalleled situational awareness.

- 22 September 2018
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Vehicle Upgrade and Replacement Programmes on show at DVD 2018

Four different variants of AJAX, plus Challenger 2 LEP and Warrior upgrade at DVD2018.

Anita Hawser - 19 September 2018
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Supacat's Light Weight Recovery Vehicle is Put through its Paces

Initial trials show potential for further enhancements to Supacat's HMT Light Weight Recovery vehicle.

- 18 September 2018
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Supacat's ATMP To Undergo Major Upgrade

All Terrain Mobility Platform from Supacat will be modernised to take advantage of developments in autonomy and hybrid drive.

- 13 September 2018
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Rheinmetall Wins Another Major Order From Australia

Rheinmetall's success Down Under continues with follow-up order worth €430 million for Australian Defence Force military trucks.

- 09 September 2018
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Australia Signs Contract Worth Billions for Boxer 8x8

Boxer all the way, as Australian government signs multi-billion dollar order for more than 200 8x8 vehicles, which will be produced locally.

- 19 August 2018
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QinetiQ Wins Major Battlefield Comms contract

Battlefield Tactical Communications contract worth £95m, won by QinetiQ, will evolve the Bowman system.

- 31 July 2018
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Centauro II Vehicles for the Italian Army

Italian Army gets new Centauro II Vehicles, the first 8x8 wheeled antitank vehicle to feature a high-pressure gun.

- 27 July 2018
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One Platform, Multiple Roles 

General Dynamics European Land Systems unveils a new Medium Main Battle Tank and IFV from the ASCOD family.

Jack Richardson - 13 June 2018
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Situational Awareness At Any Time Of Day

Night-vision specialists Photonis demonstrate vision solutions for any time of day at Eurosatory 2018.

Jack Richardson - 12 June 2018
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Shoot And Scoot

120 mm mortar system from Hirtenberger and ST Engineering enables artillery units to "shoot and scoot."

Anita Hawser - 12 June 2018
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Patria Goes Back to Basics at Eurosatory 2018

Patria builds on the success of its Pasi APC with a new 6x6 variant, which stresses modularity and affordability.

Jack Richardson - 12 June 2018
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Private Cloud For Armed Forces

Thales to offer armed forces operating in constrained environments a private cloud infrastructure.

- 07 June 2018
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Ukrainian Army To Get More Powerful, Modulr and Lethal IFVs by 2020

State-owned Kharkiv Morozov unveils next-generation combat vehicle for Ukrainian Army.

- 02 June 2018
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The SA80 Gets Multi-Million Pound Upgrade

A £5.4 million upgrade will see the British Army's SA-80 assault rifle made lighter, more hard wearing and better camouflaged.

- 13 April 2018
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THIELMANN WEW: Exceeding expectations

The last 18 months have been a period of major change for German tank container system provider, WEW Container Systems.

THIELMANN WEW - 28 March 2018
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Anti-Tank Missile System for Marder IFV

Rheinmetall successfully integrates MELLS anti-tank guided missile system on 35 Marder IFVs for the German Army.

- 22 March 2018
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BISim Raises Fidelity Stakes Using AI and High-Fidelity Urban Environments

Bohemia Interactive Simulations models civilian behaviours to help security forces train for counter-terrorism missions.

- 11 March 2018
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Kazakhstan In Final Throes of Testing Paramount 8x8

The Barys 8x8 has undergone a series of tests in severe winter conditions ahead of acceptance by Kazakhstan's Armed Forces.

- 08 March 2018
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Rheinmetall Makes Promises On UK Content For Boxer

Rheinmetall promises 60% value creation for Boxer in Britain if it is selected for the British Army's MIV programme.

- 10 February 2018
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Norway's Light Armoured Vehicle

Norwegian Army's new Light Armoured Vehicle features improvements in crew ergonomics and new driveline.

- 10 February 2018
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Thales Australia Unveils New Bushmaster at IAV 2018

The new multi-role protected MR6 Bushmaster features enhanced protection and loads more space.

- 26 January 2018
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Turkey Awards Contract to Eurosam

Eurosam consortium to develop a future Long-Range Air and Missile Defence System for Turkey.

- 07 January 2018
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Japan Bolsters Its Missile Defences

North Korean threat sees Japan extend Aegis ballistic missile defence system to shore-based locations.

- 19 December 2017
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Additional Marder IFVs for Jordan

In a contract worth €17 million, Rheinmetall will supply Jordan with an additional 25 Marder IFVs.

- 13 December 2017
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Closer EU Defence Co-operation Achieves Important Milestone

EU member states collaborate on defence projects. But the UK will have no decision-making power or influence.

- 12 December 2017
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Alcon's Defence and Security Sector Expansion Continues

Motorsport brake company expands production facilities for the UK and US defence and security sectors.

- 05 December 2017
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Securing Goods in Transit

An often overlooked security threat is the theft of goods in transit, which could see valuable cargo fall into the wrong hands.

- 01 December 2017
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Maintenance On Demand

An acoustic emission sensor network could drastically cut Army vehicle lifecycle costs.

US Army Research Laboratory Public Affairs - 30 November 2017
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High-Fidelity Training

Rockwell Collins' rear-projected dome and helmet-mounted displays chosen by US Army and ADF.

- 28 November 2017
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Thales Acquires Holographic Radar Specialist

UK company that pioneered holographic radar for detecting small UAVs is acquired by Thales.

- 28 November 2017
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New Centre For Laser Weapon Systems Development

QinetiQ opens centre in Farnborough UK for the development of laser directed energy weapon systems.

- 24 November 2017
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NIMR Forges Ahead in Central and Southeast Asia

NIMR's international expansion continues with order for Turkmenistan and new partnerships in SE Asia.

- 06 November 2017
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Saudi Arabian Military Industries Announces Board of Directors

Former Rheinmetall head to help Saudi Arabian Military Industries become top 25 global defence company.

- 31 October 2017
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UK steps up role as the fight against Daesh evolves

UK forces deployed to provide increased force protection as Daesh's retreat continues.

UK MOD - 24 October 2017
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Saudi Arabia To Acquire Weapons from Russia

Russian anti-tank missiles, rocket and grenade launchers and assault rifles to be produced in Saudi Arabia.

- 11 October 2017
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Augmented Reality For Situational Awareness on the Battlefield

A new product for Special Forces uses augmented reality for dismounted operations on the battlefield.

- 11 October 2017
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Thales to Introduce AI Into Applications for Armed Forces

New centre for research in Artificial Intelligence to aid decision-makers on the battlefield.

- 11 October 2017
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Autonomy Of Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Artificial intelligence solutions for autonomous resupply of soldiers on the frontline.

- 22 September 2017
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Milipol Paris 2017 Online Counter Terror Report

Milipol Paris 2017: Technologies, equipment and issues impacting national security.

DPI - 20 September 2017
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Machine Learning On The Frontline

Machine learning for better predicting supply and demand on the frontline.

- 18 September 2017
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German Army Tactical Communications Modernisation

Rheinmetall and Rohde & Schwarz join forces for German Army tactical comms upgrade.

- 18 September 2017
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Keeping Soldiers Safe From Drones

Programmable ammunition, from Nammo, could protect soldiers against drone attacks.

- 13 September 2017
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General Dynamics at DSEI

General Dynamics' Eagle 6x6 to commence trials for UK Multi-Role Vehicle Protected Programme.

- 13 September 2017
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Beyond Armour

Dstl selects Leonardo to lead Active Protection System development for armoured vehicles.

- 13 September 2017
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UK Laser Weapon Demonstrator unveiled

The laser beam director for the UK's Laser Directed Energy Weapon is unveiled at DSEI in London.

- 12 September 2017
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Through Life Asset Management

A centralised solution for managing and tracking deployed defence assets more efficiently.

- 11 September 2017
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Disrupting Enemy Activity

Persistent surveillance and observation with Chess Dynamics' Hawkeye Vehicle System.

- 11 September 2017
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Small, Light And Affordable

An affordable, lightweight mesh-capable radio that requires no central infrastructure at DSEI.

- 11 September 2017
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In-Ear Body Monitoring Platform For Soldiers

Bodytrak monitors soldiers' heart rate and body temperature in harsh training environments.

- 04 September 2017
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Safer And Cleaner Fuel For Ration Packs

Toxic fuel for heating ration packs to be replaced by bio-ethanol alternative made from sugar beets.

- 01 September 2017
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Powering Up Armoured Vehicles

Armoured vehicles to be fitted with Lithium-ion batteries to meet growing energy demands.

Anita Hawser - 31 August 2017
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Combat Behaviours Can Be More Easily Created Using AI

Artificial Intelligence will make it easier to create combat behaviours in Virtual Battlespace 3.

- 29 August 2017
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The French Army's Future Connected Vehicle

The French Army's new Multi-role Armoured Vehicle paraded on the Champs-Élysées.

- 17 July 2017
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Digital Tactical Communications for German Army Command Vehicles

German Army Puma and Boxer command vehicles to be fitted with software-defined radio.

- 11 July 2017
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Modernising The Boxer

German Army's Boxer armoured transport vehicles to be reconfigured for command role.

- 04 July 2017
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German Army Purchases More Future Soldier Systems

Rheinmetall secures multimillion-euro order for more German Army Future Soldier systems.

- 28 June 2017
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Patria AMV28A armoured wheeled vehicle

Patria's AMV28A armoured wheeled vehicle completes amphibious tests in Finland.

Patria - 20 June 2017
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Thales Unveils Ground Fire at Le Bourget

Thales's multi-function Ground Fire radar can be used for air defence and surveillance missions.

- 19 June 2017
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Canada To Boost Defence Spending By More than 70%

Cyber, air attack and intelligence among areas to benefit from new Canadian defence policy.

Anita Hawser - 11 June 2017
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VOP CZ and NIMR Automotive

VOP CZ and NIMR Automotive unveil first military vehicle collaboration at IDET.

NIMR Automotive - 31 May 2017
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Kärcher Futuretech: Wins major US DoD contract

Kärcher Futuretech's water-filling system is awarded a US DoD contract.

Kärcher Futuretech - 30 May 2017
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Increased Military Presence on UK Streets Under Operation Temperer

Is more troops on the streets a viable long-term strategy for countering terrorist attacks?

Anita Hawser - 24 May 2017
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GUARDION Is Designed to Defend and Protect Against Unauthorised UAVs

New, integrated drone defence solution from Rohde & Schwarz, ESG and Diehl Defence.

- 24 May 2017
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Saudi Arabia Forms New Defence Company

Saudi Arabian Military Industries wants to be a Top 25 global defence company by 2030.

Anita Hawser - 23 May 2017
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Trump to Announce Major Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

Arms deal could be worth up to $350bn over 10 years – one of the largest in history.

Mythili Sampathkumar Independent - New York - 22 May 2017
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Virtual and Mixed Reality Training Systems On Show

Demos of the latest VR and mixed reality training systems at ITEC 2017 in Rotterdam.

Anita Hawser - 13 May 2017
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Robot Teaming For Mine Clearance

France's ECA Group teams a UAV and an unmanned ground vehicle for stand-off mine clearance.

- 13 May 2017
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NIMR Automotive Participates in IAV Jordan

NIMR Automotive participates in International Armoured Vehicles (IAV), Jordan.

NIMR - 26 April 2017
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First Production Order For Griffon And Jaguar Vehicles

First batch of Griffon and Jaguar armoured vehicles to be produced for French DGA.

- 24 April 2017
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MBDA Next-Generation Air Defence Missiles for British Army and Navy

Sea Ceptor and Land Ceptor will protect the Royal Navy's war ships and enhance ground-based air defence.

- 24 April 2017
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Bowman Radios To Get Major Architecture Upgrade

Bowman tactical communications radios will be converted into an open modular system.

- 07 April 2017
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Rheinmetall and Rohde & Schwarz Join Forces to Modernise German Army Communications

Joint venture will bid for major tactical communications projects by the German Army.

- 24 March 2017
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The Stryker Joins The Fight Against UAVs

The US Army has modified its Stryker vehicle to detect and defeat UAVs.

- 09 March 2017
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NIMR Unveils Advanced Vehicle Platforms At IDEX 2017

JAIS MRAP features 60% greater protected space and payload capacity.

- 27 February 2017
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NIMR Secures Its First Major European Export Deal

NIMR to produce more than 1,000 vehicles in the Czech Republic.

- 20 February 2017
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A Highly Mobile Logistics Vehicle For Providing Water To The Frontline

NIMR and WEW unveil vehicle for delivering water to remote patrols.

- 18 February 2017
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Desert Variant of the 'Jackal' for the UAE Presidential Guard

Supacat's HMT 400 Desert variant unveiled at IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

- 16 February 2017
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US Department of Defense Looks To Develop Biodegradable Ammunition

The US Defense Dept. wants biodegradable ammunition to replace current training rounds.

- 02 February 2017
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MoD's Defence Equipment Plan Comes Up Short

The UK Ministry of Defence needs to find more savings to fund its future Equipment Plan.

- 30 January 2017
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Stryker Dragoon Vehicle Upgrade Programme

Money saved in the Stryker upgrade programme will be used to field a new RWS.

- 26 January 2017
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NIMR Automotive Participates in IAV London

NIMR’s AJBAN 440A armoured military vehicle at International Armoured Vehicles (IAV), London.

NIMR Automotive - 24 January 2017
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New FN Herstal SmartCore®

FN SmartCore Provides Enhanced Shot Counter Technology for FN SCAR firearms.

FN Herstal - 20 January 2017
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IVECO - Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV)

First Amphibious Combat Vehicle based on Iveco platform rolled out to Marine Corps.

IVECO - 18 January 2017
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Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher

Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher offer new RS556 assault rifle system.

Rheinmetall - 12 January 2017
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General Dynamics Land Systems–UK

General Dynamics Land Systems UK completes first AJAX programme manned live firing trial.

General Dynamics - 13 December 2016
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FLIR Systems Acquires Prox Dynamics

FLIR Systems Acquires Prox Dynamics for $134 million in cash.

FLIR Systems - 30 November 2016
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Barrett Communications To Provide Long-Range Voice Comms to Canadian Defence Forces

Barrett Communications wins Canadian voice communications contract.

- 29 November 2016
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Rockwell Collins's Mixed-Reality System for Training & Simulation

Rockwell Collins Coalescence merges the real-world view with a synthetic environment.

- 29 November 2016
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Airborne Laser-Based Sensor Can Detect IEDs and Hazmat From Standoff Distance

SpectroDrone uses lasers and high-res cameras to detect explosives, IEDs and hazmat.

- 15 November 2016
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ADF Receive Last of Initial Run Hawkei Vehicles

Australia's next-gen Hawkei protected vehicle project achieves major milestone.

- 14 November 2016
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Israel Ramps Up Procurement of APS

Israel to fit all new Merkava 4 tanks with Trophy Active Protection System.

- 14 November 2016
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New Precision Guidance Kit For Canadian Army

Canadian Army's new Precision Guidance Kit will enable targets to be engaged with fewer rounds.

- 04 November 2016
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Rheinmetall at Indo Defence

Wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles: a longstanding core competency of Rheinmetall.

DPI - 03 November 2016
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GDLS–UK Designs Information Gateway For Integrated Soldier Systems

Information gateway for Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg soldier systems.

- 02 November 2016
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US Army and Marine Corps to trial PowerWalk Exoskeleton

Wearable technology is designed to harvest power through the action of walking.

- 31 October 2016
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US Steps Up Acquisition Of Precision Munitions

Contract awarded to fulfill demand for Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System.

- 28 October 2016
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Wearable Sensors Overcome GPS Denial Problem

Wearable sensors can track personnel and their weapons in GPS-denied environments.

DPI - 21 September 2016
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100 Years Of The Tank

The Battle Of Flers-Courcelette remembered exactly 100 years ago today.

DPI - 19 September 2016
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Trump pledges big US military expansion

Donald Trump says he will expand all areas of the US military.

- 15 September 2016
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General Dynamics Land Systems–UK showcases AJAX

GDLS–UK successfully completes an additional live firing test for AJAX vehicle.

- 15 September 2016
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Rheinmetall at Land Forces 2016

Rheinmetall has underscored its commitment to Australian industry.

DPI - 15 September 2016
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