Elbit Systems' Active Protection Systems and Optical Sights

Elbit Systems supplies Iron Fist APS and optical commander sights to Royal Netherlands Army for CV90 upgrade.

10 February 2021
A Dutch CV90 fitted with rubber tracks from Soucy Defense (Copyright BAE Systems)


BAE Systems Hägglunds has awarded Elbit Systems a $82 million contract to supply the Royal Netherlands Army with Active Protection Systems (APS) and electro-optical commander sights. The contract will be completed over four-and-a-half years.

As part of the CV90 modernisation programme, led by BAE Systems Hägglunds, Elbit Systems will equip the Royal Netherlands Army's CV90 armoured combat vehicles with the Iron Fist APS and Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sights (COAPS).The €500 million Mid-Life Upgrade of the Dutch's CV9035NL fleet, will see the integration of world-class systems and add ons that will benefit other CV90 Club members, which include Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Switzerland.

Iron Fist is a lightweight system, which uses optical sensors, tracking radars, launchers and countermeasure munitions to defeat threats at a safe distance, with negligible residual penetration. COAPS is  a modular dual-axis stabilised sight that facilitates fire control computation and long-range target acquisition day and night, in both stationary and mobile situations.

The Dutch requirement for an APS dates back to 2003. Back then, they were considering reactive armour, but that would have required the vehicle to be widened, which made it unsuitable for operations in urban terrain, as well as losing the current high level of kinetic energy protection. Also the explosives used in the reactive armour needed to be safely stored somewhere. The Defensive Aid Suite on board the CV90, coupled with an APS, will provide protection against anti-tank guided missiles and rockets.


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