VOP CZ and NIMR Automotive

VOP CZ and NIMR Automotive unveil first military vehicle collaboration at IDET.

NIMR Automotive
31 May 2017
 VOP CZ and NIMR Automotive publicly unveil first military vehicle collaboration at major European defence exhibition


VOP CZ and NIMR Automotive have selected the 14th International Defence and Security Technology Fair, (IDET) in Brno, Czech Republic, to formally debut their first military vehicle collaboration, the AJBAN 440A configured to European specifications.

Since announcing their partnership in early 2017, VOP CZ and NIMR’s design and engineering teams have worked quickly to bring this advanced platform to the European market, with successful trials already taking place in the presence of senior leadership from the Czech Armed Forces.

Addressing the work carried out by VOP CZ and NIMR this year, VOP General Manager, Mr. Marek Špok said, “The commitment being shown by both organisations to realise the collective vision of localising NIMR’s range of military vehicles in Europe is evident with the Ajban 440A present today at IDET.”

The unveiling of the newly configured AJBAN 440A comes at a time when countries across Central and Eastern Europe are undertaking the most significant defence modernisation programmes of the past two decades, including the replacement of ageing, legacy platforms with proven military vehicle solutions.

Over the coming months, VOP CZ - NIMR collaborative vehicle platforms will be featured in demonstrations across Central and Eastern Europe. This partnership provides a compelling offering to the region: combat proven technologies, localised production and in situ support in Europe.

Commenting on the collaboration, NIMR CEO, Dr. Fahad Saif Harhara said, “NIMR has already developed a strong reputation for its combat-proven vehicles that can perform in the harshest operational environments. We have now integrated our platform with VOP CZ’s world-class technology that we are confident addresses NATO member countries’ needs for a military grade fleet solution, providing greater protection and longer service-life than up-armoured commercial vehicles.”

NIMR is also displaying at IDET its newest vehicle line, the Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV). Designed to be internally transportable in a CH-47, and featuring unrivalled power-to-weight ratio along with outstanding all-terrain tactical mobility, the NIMR RIV aims to meet the increasing demands of armed forces without compromising on competitiveness. The RIV is a further example of NIMR's collaboration within Europe having been engineered by Horiba Mira in the United Kingdom and jointly developed with NIMR. Dr. Fahad Saif Harhara concluded, "The future to growth is through these strategic partnerships and testament to the maturity of NIMR’s platforms."