Sweden takes Delivery of Vehicle-Mounted Mortar System

New vehicle-mounted mortar system will give Swedish army more firepower.

17 May 2019


The Swedish Defence Material Administration FMV and the Swedish Army recently demonstrated the new CV90 Mortar vehicle (aka Grkpbv90) to international guests. 

In December 2016, BAE Systems Hägglunds.received a 575 million SEK ($68 million) contract from FMV for the installation of vehicle-mounted mortar systems on the Swedish Army's CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The Swedish Army boasts more than 500 CV90s.

The mortar system, known as Mjölner, was installed on 40 CV90s. “The delivery of the Mjölner solution to the Swedish Army allows it to field a capability well adapted for the CV90 while enhancing the fleet’s firepower,” said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, managing director of BAE Systems Hägglunds.

Mjölner is a turret solution with two smoothbore 120 mm gun barrels mounted on the vehicle. The weapon is loaded using a robust mechanical system. Mjölner gives a full 60 degrees of slew in azimuth without the complexity and costs of powered turret rotation. With an elevation from 45 to 85 degrees, BAE Systems says targets can be effectively engaged over a wide range of distances.

The maximum rate of fire is 16 rounds per minute. The turret can be mounted on a variety of chassis and is compatible with all standard 120 mm mortar ammunition, including Strix, says BAE Systems. Ammunition is stored in the 'turret bustle,' which allows for easier and faster access.