BISim Raises Fidelity Stakes Using AI and High-Fidelity Urban Environments

Bohemia Interactive Simulations models civilian behaviours to help security forces train for counter-terrorism missions.

11 March 2018
VBS Control Behaviour Pack 1 was used by BISIm to model civilian behaviours for urban terrorism response training by the French Ministry of Defence (Screenshot from BISim video)



Bohemia Interactive Simulations have released some impressive videos showing its latest VBS Control artificial intelligence technology for adding complexity and realism to training and a virtual 400-by-250-meter shopping centre in VBS3.

In recognition of the fact that the battlefield has increasingly moved to urban centres,  Virtual Battlespace 3, or VBS 3, the latest version of the Virtual Battlespace game-based military simulation software used by NATO and US forces for tactical training and mission rehearsal, features a shopping centre, which BISim says is the largest object ever created for VBS3.

The 3D shopping centre model can be used to rehearse for counter-terrorism missions and urban tactical response training scenarios.

The shopping centre features kiosks, benches, garbage bins, tables, plants, photo booths and vending machines, which can be controlled and moved by training administrators.

VBS3 includes other features that enable trainers to track what is happening in real time and to conduct “after-action review” (AAR) assessments.

“The AAR gives them the ability to assess their movement, their decision-making, and track how many rounds were fired, when, and how less lethal options such as stun grenades are used, without having to sift through hundreds of hours of live CCTV footage,” says Mark Lacey, BISim’s Director of Art.  BIsim says the shopping centre model will be available in the VBS3 v18.2 baseline.






Artificial intelligence for high fidelity and immersion is also greatly improved within in VBS3, says BISim with VBS Control Behavior Pack 1, which allows for greater levels of complexity and realism to be added to virtual training environments, including the ability to more easily configure convoys, rehearse “doctrine-typical” infantry behaviours and easily populate training terrains with “high-fidelity” pedestrians and traffic.

For the French Ministry of Defence, BISim created new civilian artificial intelligence behaviours that the military can use to train for urban terrorism procedures at airports or train stations.

Last August, BISim awas awarded a five-year contract by the US Army to deliver perpetual licenses of VBS3 to its Games For Training (GFT) VBS3 Concurrency Program of Record. BISim has worked with the US Army since at least 2009 when it deliveed VBS2 for the Army’s Game After Ambush contract.