Joint Vehicle Platform for Nordic/Baltic Countries

Estonia joins development programme for a common armoured wheeled vehicle.

15 April 2020


Estonia latest country to join




Estonia will join Finland and Latvia's joint vehicle development programme for sustained mobility. The programme will develop a common armoured wheeled vehicle system for the three countries, which have signed a joint technical arrangement agreement.

Jussi Järvinen, president of Patria’s Land business unit said the Patria 6x6 was a cost-effective solution for the participating countries. “Although the current situation due to the coronavirus pandemic is exceptional,” he said,  “it is important that this programme proceeds as planned. We will build security of supply and set up a co-operation model to be prepared for crisis situations together with the local industry.”

The armoured vehicle programme is open to other countries by mutual consent of Finland and Latvia. Patria says the common system will enhance mobility, cost-efficiency, interoperability and security of supply of the armies in both countries

Patria first launched its 6x6 vehicle at Eurosatory in 2018. The vehicle's terrain mobility is guaranteed by an efficient power unit and independent suspension.

Inside, the vehicle features a spacious cabin. Patria says commercial components, long life-span and easy maintenance make the vehicle extremely cost-efficient. The vehicle platform will be developed according to the requirements of the countries in the development programme.