Ukrainian soldiers are protected by Turkish Ballistic Armour

SPONSORED: Turkey's Nurol Teknoloji supplies Ukraine security forces with ballistic protective vests and plates.

Nurol Teknoloji
12 May 2022

Turkish defense industry company Nurol Teknoloji has been carrying out studies on the production of advanced technical ballistic ceramics since 2008. Nurol Teknoloji is operating in 3 production facilities in Ankara, produces ballistic protective armor systems with domestic and national resources for the users in Turkey and abroad by using the advanced technical ceramics it manufactures.

As Nurol Teknoloji, one of the few companies in the world that can produce advanced ballistic armour solutions with boron carbide, silicon carbide and alumina ceramics, we aim to protect the security forces against the highest possible threat and provide an advantage in the operation areas with our products.

We develop original recipes and production methods for the materials used in armor solutions. In this way, we produce the lightest armor solutions of the world.

The aforementioned products proved themselves on the battlefields both in Turkey and in different countries. After testing all ballistic protective products that we deliver in accredited ballistic laboratories, we send them to those in need.

Products such as ballistic protective chest plates, ballistic protective shields, ballistic protective visor sets, ballistic protective vests produced by Nurol Teknoloji protect the personals of the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command and General Directorate of Security in Turkey against possible threats. In this context, many deliveries were made for the security forces in Turkey.

Recently, our company has also started to intensify its export activities to many countries in need of ballistic protection in the world. In this way, we exported products such as ballistic protective shields, ballistic protective vests and ballistic protective chest plates to many friendly countries, especially NATO countries.


As Nurol Teknoloji, we are proud to be a reliable armor solutions supplier with the lightest and most cost-effective product sales we have made to many countries and to serve the needy all over the world.