Barrett Communications To Provide Long-Range Voice Comms to Canadian Defence Forces

Barrett Communications wins Canadian voice communications contract.

29 November 2016

Barrett Communications has been awarded a three-year contract by the Canadian National Defense Department (DND) to provide secure long range voice communications without the need for existing infrastructure. 

The first phase of the contract includes both Barrett 2090 HF manpacks and Barrett 2050 HF transceivers in base station configuration. The second phase of the contract is expected later this year.


RDG2 Technologies, the Barrett Communications distributor and system integrator in Canada, supported DND during the intensive two-year field test and validation to successfully qualify both the Barrett 2090 HF manpack and the Barrett 2050 HF transceiver in Northern Canada.

As part of the two year field test, the Barrett HF range was assessed to ensure suitability in the extreme climate conditions experienced by the Canadian DND.

Barrett Communications Managing Director, Mr Greg O'Neill commented: “We were confident our equipment would meet specification as it is currently being used by defence forces around the world in -30 degree Celsius and in excess of +50 degrees Celsius; it is what our equipment is designed and built for.”