Kraken Technology and L3 Harris to advance autonomy of the K40 MANTA USSV

Kraken Technology and L3 Harris to enhance the autonomous capabilities of the K40 MANTA USSV.

02 November 2023
The Kraken K40 MANTA USSV prototype


Kraken Technology Group and L3Harris Technologies collaborate to advance the autonomous capabilities of the uncrewed surface-subsurface (USSV) K40 MANTA prototype.  This is a pivotal step in the technical evolution of Kraken’s K40 MANTA, setting the foundation for enhanced autonomous capabilities and ultimately, full autonomy.

The K40 uses foils for rapid surface transit before submerging for clandestine manoeuvring. L3Harris possesses the necessary components and expertise required for seamless integration into the K40 MANTA.

The integrated systems will enable the remote control of the uncrewed platform for engineering testing, foil development, powertrain calibration and demonstration before enhancement in later developmental stages.

“We look forward to working with L3Harris on the implementation of key systems for K40 MANTA as a foundation for future developments,” said Mal Crease, founder and CEO of Kraken Technology Group.

“L3Harris is proud to collaborate with Kraken on this ground-breaking platform,” said Mark Exeter, managing director, ASV, L3Harris. “Our two companies possess complementary skills, benefiting both organisations through this venture. Furthermore, this collaboration paves the way for broader collaboration, capitalising on our shared expertise, further facilitated by our proximity to Portsmouth, a renowned UK marine innovation hub.”

Kraken Technology was founded in 2021 by a team coming from a range of diverse marine, automotive and security backgrounds, with several team members having served operationally in the British and US Special Forces