Declassified Hesco Collaboration

Declassified Hesco Collaboration: Working together to document Military stories

10 October 2018

September 2018, Hesco welcome a new partnership with Michael Coates and Declassified, a successful podcast which documents amazing stories from members of the military community.

Michael Coates, creator of Declassified
Michael Coates, creator of Declassified


As the series enters Season 2, Ross Thompson, Hesco Brand Director, when asked why this collaboration is important, said,

“Hesco are dedicated to bringing people home from the most dangerous and hostile environments and we have a duty of care to our armed forces and their families to support projects that break down the stigma around mental health. The Declassified podcast not only documents important life changing stories, but also raises awareness of PTSD and gives a platform for discussion with hope of helping others.”

So far Declassified has taken an honest and frank look at the issues facing current and former service men and women.

Michael Coates, creator of Declassified, a former fire fighter and solider, has seen positive results from the conversations on and around the show,

“By declassifying stigmas and perceptions we wish to open up issues around mental fitness and wellbeing, talk in depth around subjects such as post traumatic growth and delve into human development on a micro level. We are already helping individuals, as seen in responses online and from those who have contacted me directly”

Michael plans to produce an online mental wellness resource and signposting service for those needing to take the first step towards help, or gain advice on caring for a loved one.

Michael Coates, “Our long-term vision is to provide hope, guidance, support and help for individuals who are suffering from both mental and physical illness or injury.”

The Declassified Hesco Collaboration will carry these important messages forward to a wider audience.

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About Declassified

Declassified podcast ( documents amazing stories from members of the military community.

Guests include Military Cross winners, athletes, partners of those who have served, high ranking commanders and veterans who have extraordinary experiences to share.