Low Profile Tactical Light Fits Subcompact Railed Handguns; Delivers 500 Lumens

Streamlight Inc.
19 February 2021

Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, have introduced the introduced the ultra-compact and low profile TLR-7® sub, a weapon-mounted tactical light with an ergonomic on/off position rear switch. It is available to fit select GLOCK®, SIG SAUER®, Smith & Wesson®, Beretta®, Springfield Armory® and Heckler & Koch® railed subcompact handguns.


“The latest addition to our popular line of TLR-7® weapon lights is an extremely compact and low profile model that can be mounted on railed subcompact weapons,” said Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah. “Like other models in the line, it has a high power LED that provides extreme brightness for maximizing visibility and targeting capability in personal defense and other tactical situations. And its rear switch on the left and right of the trigger guard allows for ambidextrous operation.”

The new light is available in three different models to fit the GLOCK® 43X MOS/48 MOS and the GLOCK® 43X RAIL/48 RAIL, with slim mounting rails; the SIG SAUER® P365® and the SIG SAUER® P365® XL; and select 1913 short railed subcompact handguns including the Smith & Wesson® M&P® M2.0™ Subcompact, Beretta® PX4 Storm Compact/Subcompacts, Springfield Armory® XD-E™, Springfield Armory® XD-S® and Heckler & Koch® HK45 compacts.

The TLR-7® sub features an LED that delivers 5,000 candela and 500 lumens over a beam distance of 141 metres. Its custom TIR optic produces a concentrated beam that provides both extensive range as well as optimised peripheral coverage. It offers two lighting modes, LED only or LED strobe, each with a run time of 1.5 hours. The light is energised by a single 3 Volt CR123A lithium battery.

The new TLR-7® sub features a one-handed, snap on and tighten interface that keeps hands away from gun muzzles when attaching or detaching them. The light also includes a ‘Safe Off’ feature, locking it so it cannot be turned on accidentally and saves batteries. Each model of the TLR-7® sub features a customised clamp system for mounting to rails, using the provided key kit.

Constructed with 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum with a black anodised finish, the TLR-7® sub features an IPX7- rated design, making it waterproof to 1 metre for 30 minutes, as well as impact-resistant construction.

Product Features:
One 3 Volt CR123A lithium battery
2.51” (6.38 cm)
2.39oz. (67.76g)

Available in black, the TLR-7® sub has an MSRP of £165 includes the Streamlight Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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