Arquus, the European leader in wheeled armoured vehicles, is a key player in innovative defence technologies



Arquus, the European leader in wheeled armoured vehicles, is a key player in innovative defence technologies. By equipping nations with high-performance land systems that successfully meet security and defence missions, Arquus contributes to a safer world.

Deployed in various terrains, these systems ensure operational efficiency, crew protection, mobility, and integration into complex networks. With 350 engineers, Arquus stands out for its expertise in vehicle design, prototyping, development, and validation. These centres innovate on strategic topics such as energy, survivability, robotics, and digitization. Mastering and integrating these topics from the vehicle design stage ensures operational superiority, adapting to future battlefield challenges.

Arquus's efficiency and quality enable the delivery of high-performance systems and services that perfectly meet client needs. To this end, Arquus has initiated a transformation of its industrial model, based on a dual movement of site specialization and continuous improvement, allowing:

• On the industrial level: increased expertise, enhanced quality system performance, improved procedures and methods, and constantly enriched practices at each site in their core areas.

• On the skills level: professionalization in key trades and long-term skill enhancement.

Investments in modernizing the centres of excellence and automating key procedures allow Arquus to improve productivity, timelines, and safety beyond just quality. Continuous training provided at the Arquus skills school ensures the development of new competencies and the perpetuation of know-how.

With solid expertise in military support and proven feedback, Arquus positions itself as a pioneer in support engineering innovation. Leveraging digitization as a source of information, engineers develop predictive maintenance solutions, optimize fleet management, and enhance training. Operational teams are deployed across France and worldwide, close to forces and regiments, to intervene promptly.

Arquus designs, produces, and supports a range of high-performance, innovative vehicles in service worldwide. In addition to its iconic vehicles like the VAB, VBL, and PVP, Arquus offers all-terrain models such as the FORTRESS, BASTION, VT4, and the SHERPA family.

A key partner in the Scorpion programme, alongside Thales and KNDS France, Arquus brings its expertise in strategic mobility, support engineering, and Remote Control Weapon System (HORNET) for the GRIFFON and JAGUAR vehicles. Arquus also provides mobility solutions for the CAESAR and VBCI vehicles produced by KNDS France.

Arquus in numbers:

• 1,200 employees and 4 production sites in France
• 25,000 Arquus vehicles in service with the French Army, representing 90% of their wheeled armoured vehicles
• Present in over 60 countries
• 30,000 supported vehicles, including 22,000 in France and 8,000 for export
• 7,000 parts delivered daily
• 600 people trained annually

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