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About Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a business segment of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, is an industry-leading supplier of highly engineered commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) module and system-level products designed for deployment in the harsh environments typical of aerospace, defense and industrial applications. We are recognized around the world as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of rugged solutions, built from the ground up, that deliver optimal and reliable performance at sea, on the ground, in the air and in space. Our expansive range of industry-leading products includes boards & subsystems, flight test & avionics, aiming & stabilization, shipboard helicopter handling, and instrumentation & control systems.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, together with the Curtiss-Wright Power and Commercial/Industrial business segments, comprises an integrated and market-facing global diversified industrial company that combines a wide range of product lines, technologies, and expertise. We are proud to maintain and further a tradition of technology advancement that honors the legacy of the Company’s founders, the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss. We strive to continue our heritage of innovation through the development of next-generation solutions that address the rapidly evolving requirements of emerging applications for the aerospace, defense and industrial markets. Long recognized as a leading provider of open architecture COTS-based embedded computing solutions, Defense Solutions designs, develops and markets products that enable system designers to use today’s highest performance semiconductor technology in deployed systems around the world. Our module and system products deliver the real-time data that supports critical airborne, ground, naval and spaceflight missions.

We take an active industry role in the establishment of the resources, standards, and services our customers need to support the long product lifecycles demanded by demanding aerospace, defense and industrial programs. We also offer unmatched comprehensive approaches for mitigating obsolescence, blocking the use of counterfeit parts, and developing product roadmaps that ease the integration of next-generation technologies into legacy systems and new designs.

On the Ground

Curtiss-Wright has long been established as one of the most important suppliers of critical processing and electro-mechanical capabilities required by modern ground defense platforms, transportation systems and manufacturing processes. With solutions for the defense market that range from in-vehicle networking, mission computing, and fire control processors, including complete turret aiming & stabilization and ammunition handling systems, we provide many of the highly rugged, reliable systems and components needed to deliver the technical edge in today’s rapidly changing battlefield. As a leading global supplier of electromechanical drive systems, we have developed technology and products designed for the most challenging industrial environments. Our tilting drive system ensures maximum passenger comfort on high speed trains, while our stabilization and electro-mechanical technology is also used in camera cranes, energy & utility inspection and high viscosity pumping applications.

At Sea

As much at home at sea, as in the air or on land, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions products support a wide array of shipbuilding programs. Curtiss-Wright is proud to have significant content on every U.S. Navy submarine and aircraft carrier. Our technology provides pumping, power, and propulsion for the most advanced submarines and aircraft carriers. Our shipboard helicopter-handling and storage systems enable the deployment of rotor-wing platforms in the harshest sea conditions. Our broad range of naval platform solutions also includes instrumentation & control systems and auxiliary systems.

In the Air

Curtiss-Wright technology supports a myriad of manned and unmanned airborne platforms. We supply the single board computers (SBC), signal processors, network switches, video management systems (VMS), data concentrators and recorders used aboard many of today’s most important aircraft, including fixed-wing, rotor-wing, and unmanned aerial system (UAS) platforms. As an industry leader in the embedded computing market, our rugged modules and systems are designed to perform optimally in airborne applications constrained by size, weight, power and cost considerations (SWaP-C). Whether enduring the intense heat of a desert tarmac or the sub-zero temperatures encountered during high-altitude flight, our products excel in harsh conditions.

In Space

Around the globe and above it, Defense Solutions is a leader in bringing the cost-savings and speed-of-deployment benefits of COTS technologies into the next frontier – Space. We are helping to drive and foster the commercialization of space flight by lowering the cost of accessing and operating in space. We offer a wide range of solutions, including development flight instrumentation (DFI) and operational flight instrumentation (OFI). Our Space COTS products have been selected for future mission-critical manned spaceflight applications, and we have a growing presence on launchers, re-entry vehicles, and low Earth orbit (LEO) platforms.

A Global Partner

With design and manufacturing facilities located across North America and Europe, and with sales and support teams located around the globe, Defense Solutions is uniquely positioned to satisfy the most demanding electronics, packaging, and systems challenges.

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