EUROJET Turbo GmbH (EUROJET) is a leading military aerospace engine consortium in Europe formed in 1986 under contract to provide the EJ200 engines for the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft and as the single interface for all EJ200 engine project activities.


About EUROJET Turbo GmbH

EUROJET Turbo GmbH (EUROJET) is a leading military aerospace engine consortium in Europe formed in 1986 under contract to provide the EJ200 engines for the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft and as the single interface for all EJ200 engine project activities. The company operates out of its headquarters in Hallbergmoos, Germany (located near Munich Airport).

EUROJET is a joint venture and its shareholders comprise Rolls-Royce (UK), MTU Aero Engines (Germany), ITP (Spain), and Avio Aero (Italy). These companies are also the industrial contractual partners of their respective core nation. The EJ200 engine is assembled in four different assembly lines, located at the shareholder company in each of these partner nations.

EUROJET is responsible for managing and coordinating these activities, which covers everything from earliest development and production, to in-service support and export of the new generation EJ200 engine system.
The EJ200 engine represents outstanding and innovative technology which is continually demonstrating exceptional performance in the Eurofighter Typhoon. With its unprecedented performance record, combined with multi-role capability and highest availability at low life-cycle costs, the EJ200 is an attractive contender for a number of other combat aircraft projects as it is perfectly set to meet the demands of a forward-thinking air force.
In service since 2003, with over 1,200 engines delivered and more than 750,000 engine flying hours, the EJ200 is already in service in the Air Force fleets of Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with two additional export nations, the Sultanate of Oman and the State of Kuwait, soon to follow.

The EJ200 Engine

The EJ200 offers cutting edge technology that is designed to fulfil the most demanding requirements of today’s fighter aircraft, delivering a high thrust-to-weight ratio combined with simple engine architecture. The design of the engine allows for maximum availability and minimum operating costs throughout the life of the weapon system.

The EJ200 is a two-spool turbo-based fan with modular design. It is composed of 15 fully interchangeable modules. All modules are independently maintainable, which enables quick engine recovery by module exchange. Seven modules can be exchanged without conducting an uninstalled engine test, namely: Low Pressure Compressor, Bearing Support, Gearbox, Exhaust Duct, Low Pressure Rotor, Afterburner and the Variable Exhaust Nozzle.
The wide-chord fan with integrally bladed discs (blisks) is light and aerodynamically efficient and possesses a high level of resistance to foreign object damage. The advanced aerodynamics employed in the fan allows optimum operation without the need for inlet guide vanes.

Both the low pressure compressor (3 stages) and high pressure compressor (5 stages) are driven by single-stage advanced air-cooled turbines, featuring the latest single crystal blade technology and operating at temperatures which are 300°Kelvin above those of previous generation engines. Engine brush seals are widely used rather than labyrinth seals in the air system. The annular combustor, incorporating air spray fuel injectors, has been designed for extremely low smoke and emission levels. The reheat system features radial hot stream burners, independent cold stream burning and the engine features a hydraulically operated convergent/divergent nozzle.

All accessories, including the DECMU (FADEC), are self-contained and engine mounted. The gearbox provides drive for accessories. The engine is designed for a life of 6,000 flying hours which corresponds to approximately 30 years of operation.

Engine Statistics


Twin Spool Turbofan with Afterburner


Eurofighter Typhoon


90 kN (20,000 lbf)
with reheat


60 kN (13,500 lbf)
without reheat

Bypass ratio

0.4 : 1

Fan pressure ratio

4.2 : 1

Overall pressure ratio

26 : 1

Specific fuel consumption

47– 49 g/kNs
with reheat


21– 23 g/kNs
without reheat


75– 77 kg/s

Compressor stages

3 LP, 5 HP

Turbine stages

1 HP, 1 LP

Combustion system

Annular Airspray


ca. 1,000 kg


ca. 4 m

The Power to Meet Future Challenges

The outstanding capabilities of the EJ200, and its unprecedented performance demonstrated by the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, have raised the interest of many other nations. Not only that, EUROJET and its partner companies have been working on a growth version addressing various EJ200 components. Rig and component testing has been performed to achieve a maturity level which allows technology insertion at low risk.


This growth potential can be adapted to the requirements of a new aircraft. With this in mind, EUROJET is actively pursuing a number of export campaigns, both for indigenous engine programmes and as part of a package with Eurofighter Typhoon, in various countries around the world. Having already established a strong international presence, EUROJET is seeking to grow and enhance its customer base beyond the core programme while at the same time providing the very best maintenance and support for its existing customers.

The EJ200 and EUROJET: Partnering your long-term defence strategy

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