JUNGHANS Defence - Safety. Innovation. Reliability.

JUNGHANS Defence is the common brand of JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH, Germany, and its 100% subsidiary JUNGHANS T2M S.A.S., France.


About JUNGHANS Defence - Safety. Innovation. Reliability.

Both companies are leading suppliers of all types of fuzes for ammunition, and Safety & Arming Devices (SADs) for rockets, missiles, guided munitions, shoulder-launched weapons and torpedoes.

The firms are involved in diverse fields of precision engineering, electro-mechanics, electronics, pyrotechnics and material technologies in order to provide customers with high-performance fuzes and ignition systems which ensure safe and reliable function in a high g-operational environment.

JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH is the centre of competence for precision mechanics, mechanical fuzes and fuze components, including (micro-mechanical) sub-assemblies and mechanical Safety and Arming Devices. The company has an in-house environmental test centre and a highly specialized toolshop, servicing both internal as well as external customers.

JUNGHANS T2M S.A.S. is the centre of excellence for fully electronic fuzes, electronic components, sub-assemblies, sensors, signal processing and proximity radar technologies.

Even though we are two legally separated companies, there is no distinction made between our operating businesses; after all we are two closely linked and strongly interacting centres of competencies for hybrid fuzes, which integrate both mechanical and electronic components.

JUNGHANS Microtec and JUNGHANS T2M are the undisputed European leaders in the domains of fuzing and fuzing technologies, which are highly specific, demanding comprehensive expertise and a specialised background. Moreover, we feature all of the skills and technologies required for this product domain. Over many decades we have developed the highest level of expertise comprising detailed knowledge and understanding with regard to the design, engineering and manufacturing of high performance and high precision fuzes and Safety & Arming Devices (SADs) for all types of munitions and missiles. These capabilities cover diverse areas of expertise including precision engineering, electro-mechanics, micro-mechanics, pyrotechnics and material technologies.

We offer numerous types of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic fuzes, either directly to the end-user or to munitions manufacturers. This includes both ready-to-use products for artillery, naval and mortar ammunition, as well as infantry grenades, rockets, ballistic missiles, guided munitions, shoulder launched weapons, torpedoes and air delivered bombs and fuzing modules to be integrated into the complex munitions or missiles systems of partner companies (for example, SADs for missile warheads).

We are able to address a wide range of applications ranging from simple medium calibre low-cost ammunition to sophisticated Safety & Arming Devices for missiles. We prefer an innovative approach to the use of modular designs wherever possible, building on existing technologies; this supports our strategy of delivering effective customized solutions whilst sustaining the long-term supply of these strategically important products.

JUNGHANS Microtec and JUNGHANS T2M focus all industrial and technical assets and capacities on fuzing activities. We master and exploit various critical technologies (such as mechanical, electronic and pyrotechnic), and functions (such as time, impact, proximity and multi-function), necessary to develop and produce fuze products achieving highest performance.

We enjoy an unrivalled reputation with regard to the high quality, reliability and safety of our products. This is demonstrated by our outstanding in-service track record.

Utilising the German and French centres of competencies, and thus integrating the synergistic expertise of each, we manage extremely modern industrial assets, ensuring flexibility and long-term sustainability of manufacture and supply of these strategically important components. We are committed to further investments in the fuze domain, with over 20% of turnover entirely dedicated to Research & Development activities, relying on a team of more than 50 dedicated engineers and technicians.

We possess the unique asset of being able to objectively assess the customer's actual needs and then offering the most optimised, suitable and reliable state-of-the-art design solutions incorporating unmatched safety standards, aiming at fully satisfying all stated requirements.

We are currently working on a new generation of proximity sensors and new airburst fuzing solutions, designed to deliver unmatched performances across a wide range of fuzes in both direct and indirect fire domains, regardless of the calibre.

New operational requirements for munitions and missile fuzing systems increasingly demand improved levels of safety, greater flexibility and an enhancement of terminal effects. This new generation of fuzes must provide munitions with optimised performances, based on sophisticated and complex functionalities incorporated into the fuze design. In order to deal with these increasing demands, our fuze design team continuously focuses on providing innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.

Delivering best value-for-money, building long-term beneficial business relationships, and providing maximum customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, driving force and company mission.


JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH
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78655 Dunningen | Germany

Route d'Ardon
45240 La Ferté Saint-Au­bin | France


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