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For more than 80 years, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision and innovation in all fields of wireless communications.


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Rohde & Schwarz in brief

For more than 80 years, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision and innovation in all fields of wireless communications. The electronics group is strategically based on five pillars: test and measurement, broadcast and media, cybersecurity, secure communications, monitoring and network testing.

Reconnaissance for armed forced, homeland security and security abroad

Reliable situational information is essential for making decisions in crisis situations and during military missions. Communications intelligence (COMINT) is a key factor. As a passive instrument, it can deploy its capabilities unobserved and far from the area of interest.

Rohde & Schwarz offers scalable strategic and tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems for various platforms (air, land, sea). These are available with exchangeable sensor subsystems for either manual or automatic SIGINT / EW operations. The right solution for challenging, complex user requirements can be selected from a wide range of antennas, receivers, direction finders with multichannel signal processing, and analysis units – to combine outstanding RF performance over a very wide frequency range from HF to SHF with maximum operational flexibility.

Rohde & Schwarz innovative electronic intelligence (ELINT) solutions are designed for stationary sites or to be fitted to mobile platforms such as ships or aircraft. They are even suitable for deployment as a temporary payload. The new radar signal intercept and analysis system focuses on operator usability, functionality and operation in complex signal environments. The system features cutting-edge components, ensuring lossless digital signal processing. The highly sensitive receiving equipment is capable of intercepting and analyzing modern low-power radar signals.

Secure communications

Today's military missions are typically combined operations in a multinational environment. The key to success is achieving information superiority through network centric operations. Rohde & Schwarz supplies interoperable radiocommunications systems for deployment on land, at sea and in the air. The company uses recognized standards to ensure that its IP-based system solutions are cost-effective, future-ready and adaptable. These systems are designed for simultaneous data and voice transmission, consistently high voice quality and low latency. The company's broad radio portfolio includes portable radios, radios for stationary applications and systems for use in vehicles, ships and airborne platforms. Thanks to efficient encryption processes, these products meet the most exacting domestic and international security requirements.

Cybersecurity for businesses, government authorities and critical infrastructures

The rise of digitization and global networking has resulted in a rapid increase in potential threats for businesses, government authorities and critical infrastructures. In the new cybersecurity business field, Rohde & Schwarz and its subsidiaries gateprotect GmbH, Sirrix AG, Rohde & Schwarz SlT GmbH and ipoque GmbH offer a broad range of technologically leading solutions for IT and network security. The portfolio focuses on crypto solutions, next generation firewalls and endpoint security applications, ranging from small all‑in‑one products to customized solutions for critical infrastructures. The company plans to strengthen its position in the B2B field with first‑class expertise and high‑tech solutions "made in Germany" under the Rohde & Schwarz cybersecurity brand.


Rohde & Schwarz offers a worldwide service network with 24-hour support. The group's services are tailored to customer requirements. In addition to classic services such as system support, calibration, maintenance, product upgrades and repairs, the company's portfolio includes spare part and on‑site service as well as customized training courses.
Rohde & Schwarz regional service centers, production plants and specialized subsidiaries provide a wide range of additional services. This includes support for special applications, development of customer-specific instruments, manufacturing to order, and integrating and installing systems and putting them into operation.

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