STEYR MOTORS develops and produces high-performance diesel engines and diesel-electric propulsion systems for vehicle, marine and industrial applications.



STEYR MOTORS develops and produces high-performance diesel engines and diesel-electric propulsion systems for vehicle, marine and industrial applications. In addition to compact, durable engines and power packs, we put a special focus on promising new propulsion technologies – particularly in the field of e-machines, power electronics and hybrid systems – as well as on customer-specific engineering.

Our 2-, 4- and 6-cylinder engines have a wide variety of applications which include the propulsion of different vehicle types as well as the application in form of range extenders, gensets/diesel-electric generators and auxiliary power units. STEYR MOTORS’ proven and robust Monoblock design is the basis of every engine. It provides best power-to-weight-ratio, outstanding cooling performance, highest reliability and durability. The patented two-stage unit injection technology performs beyond expectations even under extreme ambient conditions while the multi-fuel capability grants flexibility. Alternatively, a state-of-the-art common rail injection system fulfilling highest emission standards is available. Moreover, all our products can be adapted to fit your specific requirements.

Supreme safety and reliability for every individual application is why STEYR MOTORS’ marine engines are so special. We don’t just adapt some existing engines, we design them particularly for the marine business right from the start. Several certificates prove our engines’ outstanding abilities, among them for instance the important SOLAS certification, the IMO NOx MARPOL, EPA Tier III, RINA, RMR, RCD, and many more. In addition, numerous kits and accessories provide additional comfort and functionality in order to make STEYR engines the perfect choice whether equipping military applications like (fast) rescue boats or work boats, various kinds of lifeboats, tenders, but also racing yachts or pleasure boats.

Most off-the-shelf engines and power systems are designed for universal applicability in order to provide one standardised product for as many customers as possible. However, each business segment and every application has its own demands and priorities. As a consequence, standardised products inevitably lead to suboptimal if not unsatisfactory solutions for the individual application.

STEYR MOTORS specialises in analysing, developing and providing your perfect engine or power pack. We strive for more than innovative ideas. We provide safe, efficient and reliable solutions that fulfil actual demands defined by our customers but also learnt from our experience. The combination of theory and practice is our success formula. Moreover, we remain broad-minded. We are open for cooperation to further accelerate the technical progress of the entire engineering sector. Our ultimate goal is supplying you with the product that fully meets your individual demands and perfectly runs under your actual working conditions.

The service spectrum of STEYR MOTORS focuses on customer-specific projects regardless of whether the customer is the manufacturer, OEM or end user of a product. Our engineering portfolio comprises a modular offer to choose from and combine as required for applications on land, at sea or in the air. While historically our company's emphasis was on engines operated on diesel and its derivates, more than a decade ago STEYR MOTORS started its R&D in compact and innovative power packs as well as in hybrid propulsion. Since this shift in the company's focus, we have completed a variety of outstanding projects featuring diesel-electric systems as well as non-diesel applications using for example gas or biofuel.

Our particular specialty is the development of innovative power packs: combining a proven and efficient combustion engine with well-matched additional components such as cooling, exhaust and intake systems but also power electronics like e-motors.
STEYR MOTORS is your partner of choice for a wide and modular range of engineering services:

• Development of customer-specific engine concepts
• Detailed engineering for in-house or external prototyping
• Prototype assembly
• Industrialisation/Preparation for series production
• Integrated testing of our prototypes and final products on various in-house test benches according to customer profiles
• Rental of our test benches for independent testing of other engines, prototypes or components
• (Series) production of engines and power packs
• Licensing for (series) production at the customer's site
• Outsourcing of engineering assignments for third-party products to unburden the supplier's own R&D departments
• Customising of third-party products to fit specific requirements, for entire series but also for small-scale requests

Steyr has always been a place of innovative spirit and passionate dedication to engineering. The foundation was laid by Josef Werndl in 1864 as he founded the initial company that step by step turned into the famous Steyr Daimler Puch group. The broad know-how in the development and production of high-quality arms, bikes, bearings, engines, trucks, tractors, busses and tanks is legendary.
When the Steyr Daimler Puch group was divided up due to social and economic reasons the great engineering legacy was inherited to the specialised succeeding companies. STEYR MOTORS is one of the last companies out of this remarkable history that continues to live the traditional engineering spirit.

Founded in 2001 as a completely independent company after a management buyout, STEYR MOTORS draws from the extensive know-how and experience of the past in order to provide innovative products and services for current and future demands. Today, STEYR MOTORS is a globally renowned expert in engineering and manufacturing of high-performance engines and propulsion technologies. The combination of profound knowledge and successful practice with a modular engineering offer ensures products and services that stand up to all challenges presented by the various fields of application. Whether you are searching for proven and reliable products or if just exploring innovative approaches, contact us for your individual application.

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