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With over 55 years of innovation and expertise, our portfolio includes aerospace, smart city, digital solutions, defense, and public security sectors


About ST Engineering

ST Engineering, headquartered in Singapore, is a global technology, defense, and engineering group with offices across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, serving customers in over 100 countries. In the U.S., we operate in 52 cities across 21 states, employing over 7,000 professionals to deliver innovative solutions to commercial and government clients.

With over 55 years of innovation and expertise, our portfolio includes aerospace, smart city, digital solutions, defense, and public security sectors. Our advanced defense and security solutions support national protection and public safety, equipping governments and armed forces.

Under our Land Systems business, we leverage technology to address real-world challenges, enhancing security and sustainability. We design and build battlefield mobility platforms, soldier systems, weapons, and ammunition, ensuring operational capabilities and tactical superiority. As a trusted partner in military technology, we are committed to mission success.



With decades of expertise in the development of military technology and innovative engineering solutions, our military vehicles have proven their capabilities and combat readiness in battlefield mobility, personnel protection and firepower in combat deployment.

Bronco - All Terrain Track Vehicle


Our solutions include armoured vehicles such as the battle proven Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carriers, the highly versatile Terrex Infantry Fighting Vehicles and the fully digitalised Hunter family of Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

Terrex s5 - Digitising Tommorow’s Battlefield


ExtremV - Designed for Multi-profiled Missions



ST Engineering is renowned for its precision-engineered ammunition and advanced weaponry solutions, upheld by rigorous quality control and adherence to international standards. Committed to innovation and continuous improvement, we lead in ammunition development, providing cutting-edge solutions to armed forces and public security agencies worldwide.

Our diverse product portfolio includes:

  • Small, medium, and large calibre ammunition
  • Pyrotechnics and explosive equipment
  • Rifles and machine guns
  • Grenade launchers and remote weapon systems
  • Mortars and artillery systems
Shaping the Future of Modern Warfare and Defense with the Latest Munitions


Ammunitions, Engineered with Precision


Ground Deployed Advanced Mortar System


With a steadfast commitment to innovation and performance, ST Engineering continues to shape the future of modern warfare and defense, offering a wide spectrum of weapons and ammunition to meet the diverse operational needs of contemporary combatants.



As an integrated MRO service provider and OEM of mobility platforms, we optimise the lifecycle of assets in defense, power, rail, and industrial sectors., we offer comprehensive asset lifecycle support designed to enhance availability and operational readiness. Our solutions range from field service support to depot-level maintenance tasks such as service life extension programmes with added support for aftersales and inventory management to reduce lifecycle costs. We deploy digitalisation, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to improve productivity, quality and safety. Our clients are empowered with complete visibility and control over their critical assets, enabling them to drive operational efficiencies and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Platform MRO
We provide comprehensive services for over 100 tracked, wheeled, and armament platforms, ensuring peak performance and availability through preventive and corrective maintenance, overhauls, and Smart MRO technologies. Our offerings include spares supply, preservation, service life extension, mid-life upgrades with the latest technologies, and field service support.

Component MRO
Specializing in mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic systems, we ensure the reliability of over 1800 components across various industries. Our services include engine remanufacturing, customized tester development, and re-engineering to address obsolescence.

Workshop & Asset Digitalization
We enhance operational efficiency through workflow digitization and automation, incorporating IoT-enabled health monitoring and fleet management systems for proactive maintenance strategies.

AI-Driven Analytics
Our predictive maintenance and supply chain analytics enable informed decision-making, improve asset availability, and reduce total cost of ownership. We conduct failure analysis to identify root causes and implement preventive measures, enhancing asset reliability and operational efficiency.

We developed cutting-edge simulation systems that elevate the performance of individuals and teams while ensuring training safety and efficiency to meet the requirements of defence and public security forces, institutions and field operators. Drawing from the expertise of our multidisciplinary teams and in-depth technical know-how, we train and advise our customers in the defence, aerospace, marine and vehicle maintenance.

Mixed Reality/ HoloLens 2 Solution
Our Mixed Reality capabilities provide a dynamic platform for interactive and immersive learning. Users can engage in virtual simulations to practice complex procedures, explore hazardous environments, or collaborate globally from a training facility.

Key Applications:

  • Enhanced training and design visualisation
  • Simulation for Scenario Based Training
  • Operational solutions
  • Guided workflow/remote assistance for training, operations, and field services

4-Degree-of-freedom (DOF) Driving Simulator
We offer an immersive, high-fidelity training environment superior to traditional 3-DOF systems. Provides realistic driving experience, combined with enhanced portability and a space-saving design, makes it ideal for various training scenarios with customisable configuration.

Platform Driving and Maintenance Training (Military Vehicles)
We provide specialised driving and maintenance training for military vehicles, focusing on weapon system and communications equipment technicians. Our programs emphasize precision and safety, combining hands-on experience with technical expertise to maintain operational readiness and fleet reliability.

Operations and Maintenance Support for Shooting Simulators and Ranges
We ensure safe operation and robust maintenance of simulated and live firing systems both locally and overseas. Our team includes weapon coaches and trainers skilled in conducting technical ranges with static and moving targets. We enhance user experience through technology and expert feedback on marksmanship and gunnery skills. To round it up, our comprehensive services cover pre-range operations, range conduct, and range recovery.
As a systems integrator, ST Engineering excels in providing state-of-the-art range solutions, working closely with end-users to meet their specific requirements.

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